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Posted on Tuesday 30th June 2020
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Staying on top of PPE NEWS is key for safety and our collective ability to purge the virus. 

COVID-19 is surging in many states. Having Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in US warehouses is a huge advantage for volume buyers. PPE Source International has the experience and the focus to help end users, distributors, and resellers with low cost volume orders of Isolation Gown and Nitrile Glove inventory as well as IR forehead thermometersKN95 Medical Masks, and other PPE, including, civilian KN95 masks, and gel hand sanitizer in a range of sizes.

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There has been a tremendous amount of support for front-line workers since the coronavirus impacted communities.

Teri Boss is proud of the hospital gown she has made.

"So how many times you go to the hospital and nurses are helping us, and this time, I was hoping to help them during this difficult time," Boss said.

Boss and other volunteers have made almost 900 isolation gowns for nurses. That's not bad considering she didn't start off knowing how to sew. She learned quickly, eventually making so many that she lost count.

"They were in crisis. They were using paper gowns, used ones," she said.

In April, Anne Arundel Medical Center had a patient surge, and despite their best efforts to conserve isolation gowns, supplies were running low. It was a nurse from the hospital who collaborated with members of the community to get this whole operation started.

It helped and the nurses were grateful. Boss said, should they need her, she'll be ready.

"I feel extremely rewarded that I was able to help in this small particular way to help fight COVID," Boss said.


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