IR Forehead Thermometer Certifications need to measure us


Posted on Sunday 17th May 2020
IR forehead thermometer

Don't take certifications for granted. For IR Forehead Thermometers the right technology and certifications can make the difference between an accurate temperature reading and one that is deceivingly average. This is particularly important when it comes to screening for fevers that may be related to COVID-19.

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Here is an example of an Infrared - IR Forehead Thermometer that meets the required certifications.

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This device is among many other PPE In-stock products provided by PPE Source International across multiple US warehouses. Having PPE already landed in the US is a key advantage for volume buyers that do not often want to send money overseas and wait for the trans-ocean shipping or more expensive air freight. When it comes to certifications, having the product in the US and reviewing the documentation is a further advantage when it comes to compliance.

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