Indoor Farming plus Made in USA LED Grow Lights: Profile 1.21


Posted on Friday 4th August 2017


This is one of the profiles in an ongoing series covering next generation agriculture. We are seeing an increased trend for indoor farming across the United States and around the world. This is a positive trend given that local farming reduces adverse CO2 emissions from moving food long distances. If you would like us to review and profile your company, just let us know! Contact Us

Company Profile: Living Earth Farm

Here is a great example of a vertical farm using state-of-the-art LED horticultural lighting.

Here is some of the “About Us” content: Living Earth Farm is an innovative urban farm that specializes in year round organic greens and herbs production. The farm is located in Toronto and focuses on producing food that is sustainable for the environment, delicious and nutritious. Living Earth Farm is proud to be the first certified organic vertical farm in Ontario, leading the path for future innovation in the field. The farm uses a unique combination of traditional organic farming practices with cutting edge technological advancements that creates a perfect plant environment year round.

Jonah has been passionate about growing and eating good food since he tasted his first garden fresh tomato as a child. The flavour, texture, colour and smell was beyond anything he had experienced from grocery store produce. This modest experience planted a seed in his mind that would change his life. In 2012, Jonah became a member farmer at Fresh City Farms and had the ability to test out farming in Toronto on a commercial scale. The experience was eye opening as small scale urban farming was even more difficult to make viable than he imagined. Jonah realized that he had to approach farming from a different angle to make it feasible in a city setting.

After many winters without farm fresh produce, Jonah saw a unique opportunity to provide quality greens and herbs year round. In 2013, Jonah started an innovative indoor farm right in Toronto called Living Earth Farm and by 2015 became Ontario’s first certified organic vertical farm. Jonah hopes to be a part of the positive change in Ontario’s food system and inspire others to do the same, so the next generation will inherit a healthier planet with healthier people.

Here is the link to learn more:

The urban farming phenomenon isn't slowing down any time soon. To date, the cost of man made lighting has been a barrier for indoor agriculture. A new generation of LED lighting provides cost effective opportunities for farmers to deliver local produce. Warehouses and greenhouses are both viable structures for next generation agriculture. Here is one example of next generation made in USA LED grow light technology to help farmers: Commercial LED Grow Lights.



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