Indoor Farming plus Made in USA LED Grow Lights: Profile 1.2


Posted on Tuesday 13th June 2017



This is one of the profiles in an ongoing series covering next generation agriculture. We are seeing an increased trend for indoor farming across the United States and around the world. This is a positive trend given that local farming reduces adverse CO2 emissions from moving food long distances. If you would like us to review and profile your company, just let us know! Contact Us

Company Profile: McGregor's Greens

Here is a great example of a large scale herbs and specialty greens facility in central Florida and New Jersey. 

Here is some of the “About Us” content:

ARC Greenhouses is the home of Mr. McGregor’s Micro Greens, Baby Greens, Lettuces, Wheat Grass, and Living Basil. Our family farm, which is located in both Shiloh, NJ and Mount Dora, Florida includes over 300,000 sq feet of greenhouse space with an additional 77 acres of farmland.  We ship our produce up and down the East Coast and are proud members of both the "Fresh from Florida" and "Jersey Fresh" programs.

McGregor's greens are grown hydroponically in modern, climate controlled greenhouses.   All of our facilities are state of the art and our computer control systems are specially adapted for greenhouse growing.  Our advanced growing systems allow our produce to have strong root systems, vibrant colors, and rich taste.  We believe that our produce is superior because it is fresh, simple, and delicious.

Because McGregor's Greens are grown indoors we are not limited to a single growing season.  We are able to provide the same quality greens all year round no matter the weather or temperature.  

Here is the link to learn more:

To date, the cost of man made lighting has been a barrier for indoor agriculture. A new generation of LED lighting provides cost effective opportunities for farmers to deliver local produce. Warehouses and greenhouses are both viable structures for next generation agriculture. Here is one example of next generation made in USA led grow light technology to help farmers: Commercial LED Grow Lights.



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