Indoor Farming plus Made in USA LED Grow Lights: Profile 1.18


Posted on Thursday 20th July 2017


This is one of the profiles in an ongoing series covering next generation agriculture. We are seeing an increased trend for indoor farming across the United States and around the world. This is a positive trend given that local farming reduces adverse CO2 emissions from moving food long distances. If you would like us to review and profile your company, just let us know! Contact Us

Company Profile: Metropolis Farms

Here is a great example of a large scale vertical indoor farm growing vegetables and herbs. 

Here is some of the “About Us” content: We are urban-vertical farmers with over 15 years of indoor growing experience. We grow great tasting, wholesome herbs and vegetables, inside city buildings year-round. We grow the highest-quality food without pesticides, herbicides, or many of the other health risks that impact the food that reaches your table. We harvest and deliver our fresh produce the same day to local stores and restaurants. We can also make our fresh herbs and vegetables available by next-day air to restaurants and home gourmets nationwide. Our South Philadelphia Location is the first vertical farm in Philadelphia in addition to being the first vertical farm ever built on a second floor.

Our proprietary Revolution Vertical Farming Technology ™  is ultra-efficient, environmentally-responsible and commercially scalable. Our farms are highly-adaptive and virtually eliminate many of the health business and environmental risks that make conventional and greenhouse farming so expensive. Our farms can operate profitably for both smaller-artisan farms (Flash Farms) as well as large-scale operations (Super Farms). Our farming systems use 95 to 98 percent less water and 82 percent less energy than traditional farms. Our cost-effective technology allows us to grow more than an acre of produce in a 36 square feet of space, over 1,200 times the herbs and vegetables of an outdoor farm per square foot. We bring great food, good jobs and opportunities to local communities.

Instead of focusing on creating the world’s largest vertical farm. Our focus is on creating the world’s most efficient, cost effective and consequently productive local farms.  It seems like every few months the media announces yet another proposed “World’s Largest Vertical Farm”. To date exactly none of these projects have ever fulfilled their promises. Our technology produces the most food, at the lowest cost, of both capital and operational expense, while maintaining the highest taste and nutritional values. Our goal is to grow both farms and farmers nationwide.

Here is the link to learn more:

To date, the cost of man made lighting has been a barrier for indoor agriculture. A new generation of LED lighting provides cost effective opportunities for farmers to deliver local produce. Warehouses and greenhouses are both viable structures for next generation agriculture. Here is one example of next generation made in USA LED grow light technology to help farmers: Commercial LED Grow Lights.



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