Indoor air quality for health and vertical farming in Arizona

GREENandSAVE staff

Posted on Tuesday 5th July 2022
Indoor air quality for Arizona

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COVID-19 woke up America and the world to the need for improved indoor air quality

IAQ Technologies LLC is your “One-Stop-Shop” for proven and cost effective germicidal disinfection of air and surfaces across the commercial and residential landscape. We also provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to further help reduce the spread of Covid-19 and future viruses. In short, we focus on creating safe, healthy, and also energy efficient “smart” properties. We have developed a consortium of industry professionals, manufacturers, and installers, so that we can recommend and provide the most appropriate disinfection solutions for a diverse range of facilities in the US and around the world. We also offer $0 upfront cost options and turn-key projects that include rebate administration for the growing number of incentives launched following the Covid-19 outbreak. Beyond buildings, indoor air quality is very important for Controlled Environment Agriculture, and specifically advanced Vertical Farming

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Here is an example of Indoor air quality information for Arizona:

Arizona Care Home Operators To Take On Indoor Air Quality As A New Standard of Good Stewardship

Arizona has become a destination for many newcomers as well as Corporate Headquarters for several Companies. In 2021 at the end of the fiscal year in July of 2021, the Arizona Economics Council reported that 45 new companies made Arizona their new corporate headquarters. Consequently, several hundred families moved along with their companies making Arizona their new home.

Arizona is usually in the top five or ten destinations to retire as well. the Arizona Senior Care homes market has bloomed as well due in great part to the massive number of baby boomers. According to AARP, 10,000 baby boomers are coming of age every day. There are an estimated 77 million baby boomers in the US. These folks were born in the post-world war era between the years of 1949-1964. This means that many Baby Boomers are well into their 70s and 80s. Consequently, many, if not most, are hypersensitive to getting sick due to the Covid and other viruses. 

Amazon Air Purification, based in Scottsdale, Arizona is an indoor quality device that sanitizes the air and surface of Care homes. The company's technology removes 99.9% of Viruses, Germs, Bacteria, and Living Pathogens. Ionutescu states, "The best way I know to create a safer environment in a Care Home is to help them to first get control of the air they are breathing." Ionescu is a Real Estate Investor, Developer, and Licensed Contractor for 20 years in the Valley of the Sun but is no stranger to the Care Home industry. As part of his investment portfolio, Ionutescu had ownership interests in a Care Home placement agency and in several Arizona Care Homes. 

Ionutescu Continues, " I Can Look at the Care Home Situation As A Placement Agent, An Operator, An Owner, An Investor And a Family Member- because I have been all of the above. Now, after Covid -19 and Omni Crom hit Arizona, prospective residents are asking new and better questions. They want to know, not only how you clean and what you clean with, (meaning chemicals and sterilant), but they now want to know what you are doing with indoor air quality. It's not a just matter of keeping the place clean- it's also about eliminating airborne pathogens and surface pathogens.

When we decided to enter the Arizona market, we chose the Amazon Air Purification technology because we knew we needed far more than an air filter. We Needed an Air Sterilizer. We Needed A Surface Sterilizer. Something that stops odor, gasses, parasites, germs, and Viruses upon contact.

I only selected this technology because 1) It was the best we could find. 2) It was 3rd party tested by the manufacturer and had a number of high-level testing, verification, registration, and certification depending upon the organization or state requirement from ISO to FDA. 3) Hospitals, surgical centers, schools, and even Casinos were utilizing the technology in some form. At the end of the day, we've tested it over and over and it's probably the most effective technology I have ever seen, in any capacity. If I could get better than a scientifically proven 99.9%, I would be doing it. But this technology is effective and affordable. As a general rule, it is an investment equal to one to two months of single resident monthly rent, depending upon the size of the care home. We now have units that do not require installation and also portable units for Cars, Homes an Apartments.



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