How to Save Money on Household Bills

Tanya Mayer - Contributing Writer

Posted on Wednesday 29th January 2020

Running a home can be expensive as many bills need to be paid, and it can be hard to understand where you can reduce payments to save money. We have looked at a few of the easiest ways that a homeowner can save money and help the environment at the same time.

Cut Your Electric Bills

In the modern world, almost everything is plugged into the electricity grid, but you can still reduce your monthly bill. Use energy-saving light bulbs around the home. These will quickly reduce how much electricity you use in the night time. Put timer switches on all your electric appliances, many items we use still burn electric, even when on standby. Get a smart meter installed so you can monitor the daily usage, and this will also let you understand which appliances use the most electricity. Try to use washing machines and dishwashers in the evening as most electric companies have reduced rates outside of regular business hours. When you look to purchase a new appliance, check the energy rating and always buy those that have low energy usage.

Save Money on Heating

Many of us have our thermostat set too high, reduce the temperature by as little as one degree Celsius will save you as much as ten percent per year. Most homes lose most of their heat through poor insulation, and this can be fixed by increasing the amount of insulation you have in the attic and walls. Check your windows don’t have cracks, these not only look terrible but also can cause between 10-25% of the heat to be lost. Get all your windows repaired if needed and opt for modern glass that reflects heat back into the rooms. Heating water for baths can take a lot of energy so try to have showers instead to reduce your heating bills further.

Reduce and Monitor Water Usage

Install water barrels to collect water that you can use to your water the garden and clean pathways or driveways. Install a smart water meter so you can see where you use the most water and look at ways to reduce it. Take showers instead of baths, and you may also want to install a shower head that uses less water. Only buy appliances that are certified as low water usage as most of the water we use is for our dishwashers and washing machines. Look to invest in a toilet that has two flush settings as you don’t always need to have it on maximum flush. Be mindful when doing your daily ablutions to turn off faucets when brushing your teeth. By understanding how you use water, you will find it easy to reduce the bills.

Get the Best Deal for Internet and Telephone

There are fantastic deals around for phone and broadband as the providers are all vying for your business. Call your current supplier and ask them for a better rate, let them know you plan to change providers if you don’t get a better deal. Check on telecommunication comparison websites to find the deals that suit your needs and give you better pricing. It is easy to switch suppliers, and you may find a provider that offers you lower rates and a better package.

Check you are Paying the Correct Council Tax

Many homeowners are paying council tax above what they should. Many of the band rates that are set by the council are ambiguous or wrong. Contact your local council, and you may be entitled to a refund along with cheaper monthly rates. The rates you pay are often based on the value of the property, so when the housing market drops, you may find you are entitled to be classed in a lower band.

Save Today

Continually reviewing your monthly bills is the easiest way to reduce your monthly outgoings. Always check what you pay and use websites online to compare the rates you pay and what you could save by switching a supplier or just negotiating a lower price. By using less energy and water, you will not only keep money in your pocket, but you will also help the environment through being less of a drain on natural resources.

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