High Output LED Magnet Backed Strip Kits Made in USA


Posted on Friday 26th July 2019

As America looks to reduce its energy consumption to save money and support environmental stewardship, Independence LED is an example of a company that provides advanced, Made in USA LED strip kits. Independence LED is one of the very first authentic Made in USA LED strip kit manufacturers for commercial LED lighting that offers maximum cost-effective energy savings and a top return on investment (ROI).

Additionally, these high output LED strip kits have a wide range of applications, and are great for delamping 4 fluorescent tube fixtures in troffers vs using LED tubes. Additionally, these magnet backed strip kits have an external driver used for dimming and light harvesting. With a higher output, you can replace two fluorescent tubes with just one strip kit. For more on this technology, see the attached Youtube Clip from Independence LED CEO Charlie Szoradi.

Advantages of this made in USA Technology:

  1. Cost Effective: Low cost and high efficiency for low operating expense with options for multiple strips per driver

  2. Thermal Management: Air flow in the plenum as a component of the heat sink

  3. Flexibility: Install strips without relying on the tombstones which allows for simple delamping

  4. Simple Install: Thermally conductive magnets with three holes and accompanying self-tapping screws for quick and easy installation

Some other key features to this technology is its advanced thermal management, multiple color options, an industry leading 10 year warranty, long lasting LED chips, a modular design, high color rendering, and an independent class II driver. 

Independence LED’s Made in USA LED strip kit provides proven performance at the right price. Their industry leading 10 year warranty protects end-users, without the fine print and limitations of other warranties, especially the typical 5 year warranties from Chinese LED manufacturers. Independence LED Case Studies, in addition to their LED Customer Testimonials, help to demonstrate the longevity and energy-savings of the technology. 

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