High Output LED High Bay Fixtures Made in USA


Posted on Tuesday 30th July 2019

As America looks to reduce its energy consumption to save money and support environmental stewardship, Independence LED is an example of a company that provides advanced, Made in USA LED high bay fixtures. Independence LED is one of the very first authentic Made in USA LED high bay fixture manufacturers for commercial LED lighting that offers maximum cost-effective energy savings and a top return on investment (ROI).

An added benefit to this technology is that its efficiency and effectiveness has been proven through the case studies provided by Independence LED, such as their partnership working with Rex Distributing Company a major beer distributor in Mississippi. With approximately 18 hours of illumination a day, lighting consumes a significant amount of energy for this company and others like it, which under traditional systems can lead to enormous amounts of money being spent each year; however, due to Independence LEDs external driver and aluminum heat sinks, which are ideal for industrial applications, there was over a 66% savings on this project. By making this high bay replacement, Rex Distributing Company now is yielding annual savings over $21,500. For more case studies in addition to this Rex Distribution Company Case Study, see LED Case Studies

Additionally, these high output LED retrofit kits have a wide range of applications, and are great for replacing 1,000 watt metal halide fixtures. Furthermore, this LED fixture series can be used in virtually any general illumination setting, notably factories, warehouses, and distribution centers.

Advantages to this Made in USA Technology:

  1. The 7,100 lumen linear modules on the high bays have deep fin aluminum heat sinks and aluminum printed circuit boards that are powered by the high performance external drivers for maximum thermal management.

  2. The modularity of the system provides maximum flexibility.

  3. The simple elegance of the engineering design with extruded vs cast aluminum reduces the cost to optimize the ROI.

Some other key features to this technology is its advanced thermal management, multiple color options, an industry leading 10 year warranty, long lasting LED chips, a modular design, high color rendering, and an independent class II driver. 

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