A Guide to Making Your Business Greener & More Efficient


Posted on Thursday 12th March 2020

As a business, it is your responsibility to ensure your business is efficient and doing its bit for the environment. Employees and customers want to invest their time and money in a business that cares about more than their bottom-line, as faceless corporations that do not have ethics or a moral compass are most likely going to be overlooked in favor for their competitors.

Step one: Audit your business

Firstly, you need to audit your business and see where there are any leaks. Not knowing where to invest can cause you to spend excessive money that becomes null and void. Auditing and knowing where the issues are arising means you know where to focus your efforts.

Look over your records and see where most of your money is being spent. For instance, are your electric bills quite costly? If so, why? Look into this and you may find out that workers are leaving their computers on overnight. Make it a rule to shut down computers properly if this is the case.

Step two: Find solutions

Once you know where the issues are arising from, it is time to find solutions and put them in place. This may involve some trial and error, so it is important to be patient, but also, some eco-friendly solutions may not show a return on your investment straight away.

Ways to help your business become more efficient and greener include:

Air valves: A.R.I. air valves can help improve the efficiency of the water system.

Solar panels: Helps store energy that you have generated from the sun and use it to power your business.

Wind turbines: Again, a means of generating energy and storing it so that it can be used to power elements of your business.

Digital integration: Introducing digital solutions to the workplace can help minimize the time spent on completing task. This may require additional training for your employees, however.

Step three: Keep on top of it all

Putting solutions in place doesn’t mean you can move on and forget about the problems. You need to keep on top of the changes you have made to ensure that they are working, making a difference, and are running to their full potential. Certain solutions like digital integration can cause a stir in the workplace, as well as anxieties. You will want to speak with your employees and explain that training will be offered and implemented so that they can work with the new technology and not fear it.

The likes of solar panels and air valves will need to be surveyed. They will need special upkeep so that they are running to their full potential and making a difference to your business. Hire a specialist to look after these parts of your business so that they do not cause any issues.

Having a greener business will usually reduce your outgoing costs and make your business run more smoothly. It is a great way to market your business, too.

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