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Posted on Thursday 23rd August 2018
American LED Alliance



If you have an announcement relative to sustainability and/or energy-efficiency, please feel free to Contact Us.

Our GREENandSAVE staff sees the American LED Alliance as a great example of a group that is proactively working to reduce energy waste through light-emitting diode (LED) technology, while also creating America jobs by promoting US manufacturing. Sustainability and “green” initiatives often take collaboration to succeed.

About the American LED Alliance:

The American LED Alliance is dedicated to connecting authentic Made in USA LED manufacturers of Buy American Act BAA Compliant LED lighting, fixtures, sensors, and controls, with qualified contractors and U.S. government procurement personnel at federal, state, and municipal levels. The American LED Alliance also provides resources for private sector buyers and communicates the advantages of American LED lighting innovation across the marketplace.

American LED Alliance announcement:

American LED Alliance announces new Leadership Council Member: Focus Earth

The American LED Alliance is pleased to welcome Focus Earth to our Leadership Council. Learn more:

Learn more about Focus Earth:


Focus Earth provides sustainably minded businesses and organizations with energy efficient technology.

You have eco-goals. We’ll help you meet them.

We believe that good people make a good planet. We specialize in providing LED lighting to commercial and industrial facilities. Our engineers source the highest quality LED lighting systems from local and international manufacturers. Professionally trained energy consultants create personalized reports that forecast the electrical and financial savings associated with lighting upgrades


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