Bi-level Hallway and Stair LED Fixtures Made in USA


Posted on Monday 29th July 2019

As America looks to reduce its energy consumption to save money and support environmental stewardship, Independence LED is an example of a company that provides advanced, Made in USA LED bi-level hallway and stair fixtures. Independence LED is one of the very first authentic Made in USA LED bi-level hallway and stair fixtures manufacturers for commercial LED lighting that offers maximum cost-effective energy savings and a top return on investment (ROI).

An added benefit to this technology is that its efficiency and effectiveness has been proven through the case studies provided by Independence LED, such as their partnership working with Thomas Jefferson University’s Edison Building North Tower, saving money while also helping the environment. Considering the 24/7 run time of the lighting fixtures in this multi-story building, Independence LED provided a delamping strategy to replace the existing 100 fixtures, resulting in an energy savings of 74% and a total annual savings of $3,084, or $21,584 over the expected lifetime of the LEDs. As a result of this projects success, Thomas Jeffesron plans to retrofit the South Stair Tower with Independence LED products as well. For more case studies in addition to this Thomas Jefferson Case Study, see LED Case Studies

Additionally, these LED fixtures are great for delamping 2 fluorescent tube fixtures in exit stairs, and they come with optional battery backup. This LED Luminaire Series works in all areas of general illumination such as stairwells, bathrooms, and passageways.

Advantages to this Made in USA Technology:

  1. High Efficiency

  2. Multiple Wattage Levels

  3. On –Board Occupancy Sensor

  4. (Ultra High Frequency)

Some other key features to this technology is its advanced thermal management, multiple color options, an industry leading 10 year warranty, long lasting LED chips, a modular design, high color rendering, and an independent class II driver. 

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