American LED Alliance welcomes Lamar Lighting to the Leadership Council


Posted on Monday 27th August 2018



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Our GREENandSAVE staff sees the American LED Alliance as a great example of a group that is proactively working to reduce energy waste through light-emitting diode (LED) technology, while also creating America jobs by promoting US manufacturing. Sustainability and “green” initiatives often take collaboration to succeed.

About the American LED Alliance:

The American LED Alliance is dedicated to connecting authentic Made in USA LED manufacturers of Buy American Act BAA Compliant LED lighting, fixtures, sensors, and controls, with qualified contractors and U.S. government procurement personnel at federal, state, and municipal levels. The American LED Alliance also provides resources for private sector buyers and communicates the advantages of American LED lighting innovation across the marketplace.

American LED Alliance announcement:

American LED Alliance announces new Leadership Council Member: Lamar Lighting

The American LED Alliance is pleased to welcome Lamar Lighting to our Leadership Council. Learn more:

Learn more about Lamar Lighting:

Lamar Lighting About Us:

LaMar Lighting was founded in 1957 as a manufacturer of commercial, industrial and residential lighting.  Our close proximity allows us to make daily deliveries into New York City to service the unique and timely demands of the largest market for commercial and architectural lighting in the country while also delivering our products nationally and internationally.

Through the years, LaMar Lighting has developed a strong reputation for quality products and great personal service.   With our in-house computer aided design and sheet metal fabrication facility, we proudly produce and assemble the majority of our fixture housings in our Farmingdale, NY facility.  We have earned a reputation for our ability to develop unique solutions to many custom lighting needs, from specialty fixtures which back-light the marquis at the world-famous Radio City, to lighting for a US Naval Base in Japan, we assist architects and lighting designers with creative fixture designs for their most challenging projects.  Whether its modifying a standard product or designing from scratch, our team of lighting professionals can design and build solutions that only a company with over 70 years of lighting experience can offer.

In the late 90's with rising electric costs and increased focus on energy savings, LaMar developed the first commercially successful, fully integrated bi-level motion sensor controlled lighting system, Occu-smart®.  Occu-smart was awarded the Energy Award at Lightfair 2002 for the best new energy saving lighting product of the year.  There are over 250,000 occu-smart units saving energy across the country in universities, hospitals, government buildings, hotels, apartment complexes and commercial buildings.

As LED revolutionizes the lighting industry, LaMar is developing new and exciting products to fully realize the benefits of this rapidly advancing lighting technology.  We have many new LED products already available and in development, and occu-smart LED is now in it's second generation with field adjustable light output and long-lasting metal core boards. LaMar Lighting is committed to producing high quality LED luminaires using state of the art components and we're proud to say we are “Made in USA."

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