AC Chiller Optimization - Part 5 of 7 Part Series

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Posted on Wednesday 13th March 2019





Who are your competitors?

The patent underlying the ECORE Platform is unique and there are no direct competitors that offer anything similar. Our patent has been evaluated by Frost and Sullivan (F&S), an independent third-party organization specializing the market research and technology evaluation. The technical experts at F&S examined 12 patents in the cooling space and concluded that our patent is unique.

ECORE harnesses the laws of thermodynamics and uses machine learning to dynamically determine and set system parameters to obtain the lowest energy usage at prevailing ambient conditions. ECORE uses a proprietary algorithm that enables the chiller system to run closer to the manufacturer recommended flow, temperature, set points, all in line with the constantly changing load and ambient conditions. Facility managers simply set their building management system (BMS) to implement the ECORE recommendations, thereby achieving more efficient operation without changing the load requirements.

Some firms claim to have solutions to improve chiller system energy consumption and offer “chiller plant managers”. For example, two systems claim to optimize chiller energy are Optimum Energy Systems (US Patent # 5,946,926) and Siemens (International Patent WO 2011/011033).  None of these use the control algorithm included in our patented technology and therefore do not provide the levels of savings that ECORE does.


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