9 Reasons To Encourage Green Homes And An Overall Green Lifestyle

Rebecca Pryor is managing director of A&A Skip Hire –one of North London’s leading provider of domestic and commercial skips.

Posted on Thursday 13th December 2018










The color of growth is green and the color of destruction is red; choose your favorite color wisely!

Is going green really necessary? It is one of the most rhetorical questions in the world; still, most people question the significance of green living.

Going green is a personal choice; however, in the recent few decades, it has become a critical approach to safeguard the interests of future generations. Not every individual is aware of the benefits of a green lifestyle whereas some don’t care enough about the surroundings.


Read ahead to learn about the essential reasons why you should participate in the global green movement and jump off the innocent lot:

  1. Inspire healthy living

Who does not want to live a healthy life? Another rhetorical question, eh? Green lifestyle inspires healthy living because it is aimed at reducing pollution and conserving valuable resources with the help of smarter choices, recycling, reusing, repurposing and reducing unnecessary consumption. A green home is an environmentally-sustainable house, which encourages green lifestyle. There is no doubt that if pollution is reduced, then we all can live a healthy life, as most diseases are caused or aggravated due to air, water, soil, and noise pollution.

  1. Reduce pollution

As already mentioned above, green lifestyle ensures a significant reduction in pollution because apart from encouraging afforestation and efficient waste disposal (skip bins), it also reduces resource consumption notably. When more and more people reduce their resource consumption, the amount of discharge is decreased significantly, which aids in minimizing pollution, at large. Some shocking facts are mentioned below:

  1. Encourage afforestation

Just like deforestation is associated with pollution, afforestation is associated with green living. In simple words, green lifestyle means more greenery around us, which is only possible if we minimize pollution and plant more and more trees around us. When green lifestyle and green homes are encouraged, people get aware of the benefits of the green and tend to be inclined towards growing green right away.

  1. Save energy; save resources; save money

The statement says it all, isn’t it? If you saved energy, then you would save valuable resources, which will help you save some hard-earned green. It is easier said than done; however, it is not impossible. A green home is built with recycled materials and sustained with green energy, i.e., geothermal, solar and hydro; making it a practical approach towards minimizing energy usage, reducing resource consumption and saving money. So, you can link green lifestyle with a smart way of living along with many financial benefits.

  1. Improve mood; increase efficiency

It is a proven fact that cleaner air improves mood. Apart from cleaning the surroundings, green living will give you a surreal satisfaction of doing your bit for the environment. Living inside a green home will enhance your productivity because good mood increases efficiency significantly. Moreover, let’s face it, we all want to stay in a good mood all day without any reason as well; so no convincing is required.

  1. Preserve beauty; conserve nature

Mother Nature is undoubtedly the most beautiful thing that you will see and admire if you look closely at it; however, in the recent few decades, we have damaged its beauty with our unfair practices. We do not realize how mesmerizing the green is, but green living has helped us learn more about nature and how to rejuvenate its appearance. If everyone around the world practices green lifestyle, it will support in preserving the beauty of Mother Nature; thus, conserving nature with ease. Who doesn’t like beauty all around him/her?

  1. Enhance value; upgrade lifestyle

The value of the house will boost significantly if you can make it eco-friendly because it will be appealing to the new buyer, as your installations will help him/her save money. Apart from enhancing the value of the house, a green home will upgrade your lifestyle because you will be living a healthier life, in a cleaner environment, surrounded by beautiful Mother Nature.

  1. Ensure a safer future for your children

All the above reasons indicate towards building a better future for ourselves as well as our children. Aren’t you afraid how your children will survive the air and water pollution or the raging diseases that are spreading across the globe because of your harmful practices? If the reasons mentioned above aren’t convincing enough for you, then at least rethink green living keeping the best interests of your children in mind.

  1. Become a better person

The living is all about being a better person, and a green lifestyle & a green home will help you achieve your goals with a smile on your face. So, be a better person and encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to practice green living and help the world become a better, safer place.

The Tipping Point

The Earth is at a tipping point, and our ill-practices are pushing it over the edge. So, it is high time that we accept the hard truth and change ourselves for the better. The vibrant future that we want for our children will be possible only if we are willing to take a step right now. Our present will determine our children’s future; let’s not make the days dark for them.

                                                             Live green! Live safe! Live long!

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