5 Reasons to Use EComposite Fencing


Posted on Sunday 16th August 2020
ecomposite fencing

When it comes to gardening, many people are seeking alternative options that are more durable, environmental, and easy to maintain. This is especially the case when it comes to fencing, as traditional forms can be time-consuming to construct and look after.

One of the big revolutions in this area is ecomposite fencing. Made from recycled composite materials such as plastic, wood pulp, and resin, this type of fencing is an eco-friendly option because it doesn’t require the use of timber.

If you’re interested in ecomposite fencing, below are five reasons for choosing this type of material.

1. It Requires Very Little Maintenance

One of the top reasons for choosing ecomposite fencing is that it is very low maintenance. Because it contains plastic and is usually coated with a protective layer, ecomposite fencing won’t be damaged from insects or the elements. This means that you aren’t beholden to tasks like staining, wood treatments, or sanding that are required with wooden style fences. To clean an ecomposite fence, all it involves is a bit of soap and water, and before you know it, it’s as good as new.

2. It’s Long Lasting

Another fantastic benefit of ecomposite fencing is how long lasting it is. While a regular wood fence can last about 7-20 years, ecomposite fences are known to last for at least 20+ years, which means you can enjoy it for a long time before replacing. These fences owe a lot of their longevity to the fact that they’re waterproof and resistant to rot.

3. It’s Durable

Ecomposite fences are incredibly strong and durable. Due to their density and combined composite materials, they withstand the elements and are much less likely to chip or crack. In essence, their rigidity means they are robust and can withstand all kinds of trauma. If you want a fence that is sturdy and resilient, ecomposite is the way to go.

4. It’s Easy to Install

Ecomposite fences are easy to install. It is simple to attach to fence and posts and generally doesn’t require any special equipment. To explore the options for this type of fencing, visit an Ecomposite Products online shop where you can select different kits with various finishes and heights. If in doubt, there are DIY composite fencing videos online on YouTube, but failing that, call in a professional who can help.

5. It’s Good for the Environment

Another reason people choose ecomposite fencing is that it is eco-friendly. Removing the need to buy timber, this style of fencing uses recycled materials, which means you’re investing in a network that keeps plastics out of landfill sites and makes use of wood pulp that would normally go to waste. Ecomposite is also usually free from toxic additives, unlike its pressure-treated wood counterpart that is often filled with chemicals to ward off insects.

Ecomposite fencing is a cost-effective and practical option for those looking for eco-friendly ways to renovate their garden. Heed the above tips and you’ll have a long-lasting, durable and easy-to-maintain fence in no time!


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