10 eco-friendly hints and tips for the 10th Anniversary

Contributing Writer: Giulia Fontebasso De Martino


Posted on Thursday 15th June 2017


“How can you let your voice be heard if you are pressed against a corner? Since there is a difference between being stuck and choosing to stay, I want to say that you have an option. My suggestion is that you study, learn, express curiosity and show who you are”.

This is what an emerging Italian environmental Professional Giulia Fontebasso De Martino, suggests to all the people who have been getting a job strictly related in the sustainable growth field. She decided to thrive, taking on a consultant role for private companies mainly in the hospitality and green building sector, to mentor them in improving their environmental concerns and health and safety choices.

She is strongly motivated by her business, therefore, she has currently been working together with a specialized environmental European team from Ecomate Startup. They generated an algorithm called Green Ranking that shows how green your company is and depending on your rank you could realize what is your situation related to the environment.

She has actively been promoting the sustainable behavior of SMEs where she believes green initiatives could really bring great results in terms of core business, pushing efficiency and cost savings. She affirms that it is not possible to contemplate environmental issues without including health and safety as well.

She created an environmental blog on Instagram called “THE GREEN GOAL”, where she decided to share her technical background experience and green travels to the readers. At the same time, she wanted to help company managers maintain a high quality standard focused on the respect for the environment and business improvement.

What is THE GREEN GOAL? Different topics, different sectors, different countries, but one world and one key word: Sustainability.  Sustainability is very important both now and for the future as well. - She says - Sustainability Growth is equal to say a profitable business. The three E’s, that stand for Economics, Ecology, Social Equity, are the driving force of the Sustainability Growth model: Economic Growth, Environmental Stewardship, Social Progress.

Since “TEN” is going to be a special number this year for GREENandSAVE. Giulia Fontebasso De Martino told us what the number ten really represents to her in her job.

In order to celebrate the 10th GREENandSAVE Anniversary, here are the 10 eco-friendly hints and tips that she decided to share with us.

They will be very helpful especially if you have been working in Economics, Ecology, Social Equity (EES) field and you want to manage your company as best possible.

1.       Green building office  

Establishing your business in a green building office. This has many environmental and economic benefits. Conventional buildings that are outdated and/ or poorly designed may not only be less efficient than green buildings, but also may result in negative impacts to employee productivity, such as increased employee absenteeism and sickness.

2.       Improve renewable energy

Buildings account for approximately 40% of the energy used today. Improving renewable energy and promoting energy efficiency while also supplementing reduced energy use with green power or a demand response program will work much better than the current system.

 3.       Health and Safety management

Organizations of all kinds are increasingly concerned with achieving and demonstrating sound occupational health and safety performance by controlling related risks. In these circumstances the following scheme “plan, do, check, act” is considered the best.

4.       Access to Public Transportation

A building should have access to public transit which enhances human wellness through increased walking or bicycling activity and also reduces the demand for automobile use thereby lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Promote public transport within your company and improve related information with weekly email recommendations and get incentives out to your employees.

5.       Go Digital

Improve conference calls with customers and internal staff meetings at your business.

6.       Take advantage of internal communication channel

Sharing among all employees some utilities company data and promoting green habits in order to create more sustainable environment. Examples include turning off the lights before leaving the office, switching off plugs when you’re done working, ensuring blinds are open allowing natural sunlight to illuminate the office during day time working hours.

7.       Waste Management

Create a waste management program. Promoting diversion and maintening a clean office supporting the community of surrounding area.

8.       Eco-friendly cleaning products

Recommend to your company cleaning service switch to products that are eco-friendly across the board, use micro-fiber cloths and mopheads as well as proper disposal of their products to protect the environment.

9.       Balance work with nature

A building’s location can directly affect its environmental impact, the health and wellness of its occupants and carbon footprint. It’s really important to have balance and spend some time in nature. Always remember to take a break from your busy schedule to enjoy some fresh air and sun light. It’s statistically proven that staying in open spaces improves both well-being and human health.

10.   24/7 Best Practice

Do your best to ensure you live by these nine other tips not only in your work environment but also your home life as well. This will enable you to more easily maintain the home/work balance.

If you are in compliance with at least five of those hints and tips, it means that you are on the right track to be a Green Manager! Keep going, be consistent, create a spirit of co-operation between co-workers. Don’t forget to improve your green habits day after day and you will have a profitable business and help the environment at the same time.

For more green suggestions and travels arouse your curiosity on “thegreengoal” Instagram page. Direct link: https://www.instagram.com/thegreengoal

Good luck with your green management!


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