Sustaining the Fun of Parties With Sustainable Choices

Jori Hamilton - Contributing Writer

Posted on Monday 30th August 2021


Sustainability is a popular topic nowadays. More people are starting to realize the impact their everyday choices have on the planet and are willing to make a change. One recent study found that nearly 9 in 10 people want to live more sustainably in a post-pandemic world. Another recent survey discovered that 64% of Americans are willing to pay more for sustainable products. 


So, the desire is there to live a greener life and take better care of the planet. For many people, that starts with changing some everyday habits. You might start with reducing your food waste or rethinking fast fashion. Maybe you’ll recycle more or limit your energy and water use. 


When people get into sustainable habits, they quickly find that it’s not difficult to make more eco-friendly choices. 


But, what about bigger events? Taking shorter showers and composting your food might be easy every day. But, when you’re planning a party or larger event, can you still have fun and maintain your sustainable choices? 


Absolutely. Let’s look at some tips you can use to make sure sustainability is the guest of honor at your next party. 

Planning a Sustainable Party

The benefits of “going green” at a party are the same as they are when you make greener choices at home. But, they’re amplified. When you decide to have a planet-friendly party, you automatically give yourself a platform to educate people. You can lead by example and inspire others to do the same for their next event. 


Most people understand the basic principles of parties and what’s needed to make them a success. But, when you’re committed to sustainability, planning can be a bit more involved. To successfully prepare a sustainable event, prepare a strategy that includes: 


  • Having an action plan with clear objectives

  • Gathering resources (people to help)

  • Approaching it with a step-by-step mindset

  • Promoting the sustainability of your event


If you’re going to make your party as sustainable as possible, why not talk about it? It can immediately drive interest, and your guests can feel good knowing they’re attending something beneficial for the planet. Plus, they’ll see that it can be easy to do for their next event.


Once you have your plan in place, it’s time to take action. If you’re already leading a sustainable life every day, it shouldn’t be hard to make it happen on a larger scale. But, let’s look at some tips to keep in mind that can make an eco-friendly event easier. 

Decorating Without Damage

Decorations help to set the celebratory tone of any event. But, some traditional items can do more harm than good. Even innocent-looking balloons can pollute wherever they land, kill animals, and cause power outages. Thankfully, there are plenty of greener alternatives when it comes to decorating with style and flair. 


One of the easiest ways to decorate without damaging the environment is to use what’s already available to you. Instead of adding pops of color with streamers and balloons, go natural! Even larger events like weddings can look beautiful by utilizing in-season, local flowers. You can create arrangements for each table, larger ones for display tables, or just have them scattered around for areas of interest. Make sure you know which flowers are readily available in your area, and you can take advantage of them from your local florist or farmer. 


You can also use what you have on hand by giving new life and purpose to an item that otherwise wouldn’t get used. Do you have any old pieces of furniture or picture frames? Use them as accent pieces throughout your party, rather than buying bouquets of balloons to get people’s attention. 


You can even take your decor efforts to the next level by sending everyone home with a gift. To continue with the sustainability theme, why not place a seed packet on everyone’s plate? It adds another layer of decorative style to your event but also encourages your guests to take charge and do something good for the planet. 

Limiting Your Waste

Speaking of growing things, that’s something you should get involved in, too! One of the biggest problems with parties is the waste they can create. You can eliminate as much waste as possible by making smarter choices. That includes opting for biodegradable dishes and silverware. But, what you eat on those dishes is perhaps even more important. 


Food waste is a huge problem across the globe. From a corporate standpoint, food worth $750 billion is wasted each year. The average American wastes about one pound of food per day. That could feed 2 billion people each year. Parties are known for having great food, so what can you do to make something delicious without wasting a lot of it? Try some of the following tips: 


  • Make the food yourself instead of hiring a caterer

  • Buy local ingredients

  • Use reusable shopping bags when gathering ingredients

  • Use in-season ingredients

  • Only make what your guests will eat

  • Send guests home with leftovers


Another great way to cut back on waste is to grow your own food. There are countless benefits to having a vegetable garden, and you don’t necessarily need a green thumb to get started. There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to create a “crop” of your own. Just make sure you’re aware of potential threats to your health and the health of your veggies, like vermiculite. It’s a garden supplement that was used through the 1980s that was contaminated with asbestos. If exposed to it, it can lead to lung issues and even certain cancers. With a little bit of basic gardening knowledge, you can keep yourself safe and produce your favorite produce. 


Throwing a sustainable party can be a lot of fun. It’s a great way to advance your daily “green” habits and inspire others to do the same in a comfortable, relaxed, and inviting setting. 

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