Gardening Hobby - Contribute to The Mother Earth!

Victor – Contributing Writer

Posted on Friday 28th April 2017
Gardening Hobby - Contribute to The Mother Earth!


Are you a nature lover? Do you enjoy spending time with nature? Isn’t it an awe-inspiring thing to do to sit on the grass, feel the chilled breeze on your skin, and watch birds are the things that will soothe your soul?

If yes, you must be well aware of the importance of nature and all the tools used for gardening like battery powered weed eater. However, if you are not that kind of person, then you should have a glance on information presented here.

What are the Benefits?

Spending time with nature can be done by doing many activities. You can go on an expedition at natural places; you can try bird-watching and many other things. However, you cannot do all every day. Still, you do not need to worry about it. The easiest answer to this dilemma is gardening.

Many people enjoy gardening and make it their hobby. It appeals their mind if they spend their time producing potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage and other interesting vegetables in their garden.

Gardening does not only give pleasure to your mind, but it also can be the source of organic food for your lunch and dinner. Moreover, if you are involved in gardening, you hold respect for sunlight, plants, rain and the soil.

All cannot afford to spend their life in bird watching so if they start gardening; they can certainly enjoy bird-watching from their windows or while sitting in a garden.

while sitting in a garden

Though gardening has many benefits, there is something, which is associated with gardening and makes it like a headache. Such things are the use of fertilizers, biocides to fertile the land and acquiring an irrigation system, which demands regular maintenance. However, you should not bother about such things if you understand how to grow native plants in your garden to get rid of all the issues mentioned above.

Well, before you start gardening; get to know about the native plants. What do you mean by native plants? Native plants are ones which are naturalized in a particular area. As they are naturalized, they do not need more attention and maintenance. They can withstand any worse weather. All they need is just a regular watering.

Additionally, you do not need to rake leaves as they can easily decompose in soil and make land more fertile. These plants do not need any fertilizers or biocides to enrich the land. Such native plants even attract butterflies and songbirds, which are like icing on the cake.

do not need to rake leaves as they can easily decompose in soil

Now, one more question is how to use these native plants in your garden? •

You can remove all of your lawn and replace it with native plants. By doing so, you will not in need of more fertilizer and maintenance in your garden. They simply grow by a little bit of watering and add beauty to your backyard. •

On the other hand, you are more of a grass lover then you may be not convinced to remove entire lawn. Well, in that case, all you need is just to plant them all around your lawn which surrounds it. In this way, you can enjoy both of the pleasures.

If you are developing your interest in utilizing native plants in your garden, then you should get aware about one more concept, which is known as a rain garden. These gardens permit rain water run off to store in a garden, which can be soaked in the soil in a period.

In a nutshell,

Gardening is the best hobby to connect with the mother earth. You do not just find ways to soothe your soul, but by doing so, you even help the environment. Gardening helps you to keep your surrounding clean and pleasing where you can just go and release your stress. You can go ahead and find various ways of gardening to make it more exciting. Happy gardening!



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