How YOU Can Go Green with SIM Only Deals

by Ruben Corbo
Posted on Thursday 22nd September 2011

SIM only deals are some of the most desirable deals offered. These deals allow consumers to keep their same equipment and transfer service to a different provider. SIM only deals are convenient for consumers that travel to numerous different countries, but do not want to lose the convenience of their mobile device or smartphone. Reusing a phone by purchasing a SIM card only plan will help to save the environment and also to save your budget.

Many consumers program their phone in a certain way and download specific applications to improve work productivity and experience. Consumers that travel to a new country may have to purchase a new phone. Most often the phone is not as well equipped as the phone that the consumer uses on a daily basis. An interchangeable SIM card will improve the flexibility of the consumer’s current smartphone.

Two hundred and twenty five million tons of electronic waste annually reaches the landfills around the world. Of the 150 million phones discarded annually, less than 20% are recycled. SIM cards give consumers recycling options for older phones.

Some phones are greener than others. Phones may include toxic materials such as PVC, zinc, lead, phthalates, arsenic and brominated flame retardants. These materials take time to decompose and also pollute the water from runoff waste. Consider a phone with a reduced carbon footprint. Consumers that recycle their phones by using SIM card deals work towards saving the environment.

In addition to SIM card only deals, consumers may also sell their old phone and refurbish it for someone else to use. The person that receives the phone will have possession of a high quality phone for a low price. These phones may be donated to women of domestic violence through The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and also to soldiers. Churches will also collect and redistribute phones. When the new customer receives the phone, they can replace the SIM card and the phone will still be useable.

Major retailers such as Radio Shack, Office Depot, Best Buy and Staples will refurbish phones and resell them to the public. The information on the phone will be replaced, and a new SIM card will be installed. The phone will then be useable, and the environment will be in a better condition. is a website that also recycles phones for new customers.

Consumers are also encouraged to purchase from buyers that are making an effort to improve the environment. Consumers that currently have a phone produced by a manufacturer that does not pay attention to green standards may remove their SIM cards and trade the phone in for a more ecologically friendly selection. Some consumers also save the environment by using solar energy to charge their phones.

Consumers may obtain a business plan and personal plan. If the consumer desires to use the same equipment for both, he or she can simply change the SIM card. This will reduce the weight of transporting more than one smartphone or device around daily. Consumers can keep their work and personal life separate with the use of SIM cards. The flexibility is desirable to many.

Many manufacturers are considering embedded SIMs for newer versions of phones. This will be a detriment to the environmentalists that rely on SIM card removal to save the environment. Before purchasing a smartphone, consider the SIM card deals to ensure that your phone may be used in other countries, with other carriers and for recycling purposes. SIM cards provide options for consumers and also improve the environment by keeping the phones out of the landfills and into hands of people that are less fortunate.

This is a guest article by Ruben Corbo, a freelance writer for technology, travel, and music production topics. When he’s not writing or making music, he’s enjoying a good post-apocalyptic novel or playing RTS Strategy online game. Ruben’s writing resume includes websites like SIM Only where you can get the best Sim Only deals as well as other websites that help you save on your tech purchases.

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