Company Profile: Energy Intelligence Center - Leader in Commercial Air Conditioning Optimization


Posted on Thursday 11th July 2019

Since air conditioning is one of the largest consumers of energy for commercial property, our GREENandSAVE editorial team welcomes leads on companies to profile that are cost effectively providing energy efficiency for commercial air conditioning optimization. Please contact us.

The US consumes 25% of the world’s energy with less than 5% of population. Annual US: 3.82 trillion kilowatt hours. Buildings account for about 40% of US energy and air conditioning is typically the largest consumer, with 479 billion kilowatt hours consumed each year. At $.10 /kWh, the US spends $47.9 billion per year on cooling and has over 87 billion sq ft on non-residential (home) real estate. Saving just 10% of annual consumption yields $4.8 billion. With a two-year payback the revenue potential is $10 billion.

The Energy Intelligence Center is a forward-thinking, clean energy company that is working to revolutionize commercial air conditioning optimization for a more sustainable planet, and of course, lighten the load on the wallet. The Energy Intelligence Center is dedicated to reducing energy consumption for commercial & industrial property owners and managers through the most cost-effective means possible. Their field-proven OptikW technology optimizes kW reduction and kWh consumption and is the hub of operations. Artificial Intelligence (Ai) for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration play an increasing role in their offerings. The company provides algorithm implementation and consulting at the facility level, along with training for next-generation energy professionals. They tailor their offerings to meet the needs of Facility Owners, Manager, Engineers, Mechanical Contractors, and Energy Service Companies. The Energy Intelligence Center’s wide range of services each work to take a bite out of building energy consumption to maximize commercial air conditioning optimization.

Multiple interior and exterior parameters along with existing equipment and management systems are the “rings” that their technology interconnects and optimizes to deliver maximum energy savings. The OptikW Algoithm is the technology cornerstone of their solutions. Supplementing the OptikW Algorithm, The Energy Intelligence Center offers professional monitoring, diagnostics, training, and consulting to further commercial air conditioning optimization. Let’s take a closer look at the supplemental services:

  1. Monitoring and Diagnostics for commercial air conditioning optimization: 

OptikW MONITORING is the optional service provided by the Energy Intelligence Center to support commissioned implementations through the OptikW Platform. Many customers choose to monitor their systems internally through their existing Building Management System (BMS) or Building Automation System (BAS).  Given security protocols and access via the Internet of Things (IOT), OptikW Monitoring is often a highly cost-effective means for customers to benefit from the added “eyes on performance” to ensure that the algorithm is functioning to its maximum potential.

2. Training for commercial air conditioning optimization:

OptikW TRAINING is the education provided by the Energy Intelligence Center to support next-generation energy professionals. The training is Ideal for engineers, HVAC professionals as well as LED lighting and other renewable energy professionals that have developed trusted relationships with decision makers at commercial facilities. The OptikW Training “Boot Camp” includes tailored programs to meet the goals and needs of a diverse range of professionals. The training offerings include online as well as on-site education with chiller room practical experience for Level 1 Audits and Level 2 Investment Grade Audits (IGA) that lead to savings proposals and implementation. Advanced algorithm programming is offered to pre-qualified trainees.

3. Consulting for commercial air conditioning optimization:

OptikW CONSULTING is the analysis and advisory service provided by the Energy Intelligence Center for property owners and managers that seek to optimize their air conditioning or refrigeration systems by “tuning” the equipment at hand or upgrading to new technology. In some cases, such as many supermarkets that have multiple compressors vs a central chiller plant, this OptikW Consulting path is highly cost effective to maximize the potential of existing hardware such as Emerson control systems.

The Energy Intelligence Center is pleased to offer ways to generate 15% to 40% savings without changing any of the cooling equipment. Their latest patent pending technology along with optional support services optimize chillers and cooling systems to create efficiencies without impacting thermostat settings and without generating any downtime or upfront costs. Their algorithm integrates with existing Building Management Systems (BMS) and Building Automation Systems (BAS) as well as provide optimization for facilities that do not have BMS/BAS, effectively working to optimize commercial air conditioning and reduce building energy consumption in the spirit of environmental stewardship!

If you have other tips or companies that you would like us to profile relative to energy efficiency for commercial air conditioning optimization, please contact our GREENandSAVE editorial team.

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