Cash For Clunker Lighting Program Launches

Posted on Thursday 1st October 2009

CASH for CLUNKERS Lighting UPDATE in 2012: Pennsylvania based Independence LED Lighting is a leading U.S. Manufacturer of energy efficient LED Tubes that has launched a comprehensive $10 Million CASH for CLUNKERS Lighting program. The incentive covers the cost of banned T12 tubes, proper disposal of the toxic tubes and ballasts, and an LED Lighting Retrofit Return on Investment (ROI) Assessment. The incentive is for U.S. businesses that choose to retrofit with Independence LED Tubes, which are three times more energy efficient and last three times longer than the obsolete T12s.  To further assist qualified business owners, Independence LED provides $0 down financing programs providing net savings from the flip of the switch. The program runs through 12/31/2012.

FROM 2009: Please note that LED Savings Solutions referenced below is now part of Independence LED.

To mark the start of a new government fiscal year and Energy Awareness Month, LED Saving Solutions is announcing its “Cash for Clunker” lighting savings initiative. The program is scheduled to run through the end of 2010 in time to take full advantage of key federal tax incentives. The program benefits businesses, schools, hospitals and property owners by making energy efficiency solutions affordable.

Preceding federal government “Cash for Clunker” projects focused on the automotive and appliance industries and led to speculation that the government might have been stretching itself thin with financing. In light of the federal struggles, one private sector company has proactively forged financing to allow businesses, schools, hospitals and property owners to access energy efficiency.

Philadelphia-based LED Saving Solutions is offering to pay the existng cost per light bulb for companies that want to retrofit to high efficiency light emitting diode (LED) bulbs. Since the average U.S. commercial office building spends 30% of their electricity on lighting, this offer is a tremendous opportunity. The new technology can save consumers 80% on lighting electricity costs.

Since he ran for office President Obama has spoken about our collective need to focus on Energy Independence, and he has also specifically spoken about the advantages of LED lighting.

Just as the "Cash for Clunker" car and appliance program has a monetary cap.

“We see this initiative as a way to take the momentum created by the federal government to a new level and make a dramatic impact in our collective goal to make America more energy independent,” Charlie Szoradi, President of LED Saving Solutions, said.

For example, a U.S. company of any size in any sector may trade in their existing bulbs, often fluorescent bulbs, for the new energy saving LED bulbs. There are over 200 LED bulbs that qualify for this program.

To be eligible for the program, companies only need to submit a list of the type and quantity of bulbs or the electronic files of ceiling plans. Each company is then logged into a list of first come first serve candidates, and LED Saving Solutions provides a free, no obligation Return on Investment Assessment for each company.

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