Benefits of LED Lights for Your Business

Keith McAslan is a managing partner of ASG Energy LLC. a comprehensive LED energy solutions provider.

Posted on Friday 25th January 2019



Businesses are looking for cost savings to improve operating profits, while focusing on sustainable products and practices in the workplace.  An easy way to attain these benefits is by transitioning from incandescent bulbs and florescent tubes and replacing them with LED lighting. 

The following are a few of the benefits for upgrading to LED:

  1. Energy Savings
    • LED lights require about one tenth of the energy of incandescent bulbs this results in significant savings in monthly utility bills.  
    • An additional benefit will be the reduction of air conditioning expense, as halogen and incandescent bulbs generate heat and are lees energy efficient, as LEDs are very cool.
  2. Long Life and Maintenance Savings
    •  LEDs have a longer operational life and therefore require less maintenance
  3. Utility Company Rebates
    • Utility companies offer incentives for businesses to reduce power consumption by switching to LED lighting
    • Here is a great resource to find out what’s available where you live:
  4. Better Facility Management
    • LED lighting and controls provide a comfortable  and productive visual environment while effectively monitoring energy consumption by controlling the lighting.
  5. Instant Lighting and Frequent Switching
    • LEDs can be turned on/off many times as they brighten immediately when powered.
    • Switching LED lighting on/off frequently does not affect their usable life or light emission.
  6. Environmental Benefits
    • LED lights are free of toxic chemicals as most conventional fluorescent bulbs contain mercury.
    • Another issue with fluorescent bulb is the disposal as they have traces of mercury and require special care.  
    • There is no health risk if an LED happens to break due to mercury escaping.
  7. Improved Quality of Light
    • Employees and customers may also experience some health benefits.  LEDs don’t flicker like fluorescents can, leading to fewer complaints about headaches or eye strain. 
    • LED lighting can improve security and safety with the efficiency, long life and weather resilience by keeping the lights on.
    • LED lighting surpass other technologies at rendering the true color of environments and goods they illuminate, based on industry-standard Color Rendering Index (CRI) and R9 test methods.

How Do You Learn More?

ASG Energy is a comprehensive LED energy solutions provider with a successful track record of managing energy reduction initiatives and installations for several Fortune 500 companies throughout the U.S.   ASG utilizes professional project managers and engineers for all our commercial and industrial customers, medical centers and schools to assist our clients in realizing rapid cost savings, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving facility lighting and safety. For all your business lighting needs, be sure to visit: http//

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