LED Saving Solutions Continues Its Growth

Posted on Tuesday 8th February 2011

The recent recession is filled with stories about people losing their jobs and their struggles to find work. However, many companies in the 'Green' Sector are hiring new employees at an ever-increasing rate. One such company is based just outside of Philadelphia in Devon, PA. LED Saving Solutions is a LED manufacturer and distributor that is growing at an incredible rate. In order to further their success they are hiring new employees almost monthly. One of their most recent additions is Robert Murray as Director of Sustainable Business Outreach.

Robert Murray is a highly experienced business development, supply chain, and project manager with over 30 years’ experience building businesses from the ground up. Robert was one of the original of the key members of the team that grew Wetherill Associates Inc. from a fledgling business into a $200 million company that became the largest distributor of automotive electrical parts. Dedicated to developing world-class customer relationships, he was responsible for the company’s largest accounts, growing sales over 15% a year. He launched entirely new product lines, including market research, product sourcing, engineering requirements, contract negotiation, catalog development, and sales training. He also set up a dedicated inventory warehouse for one of the company’s largest customers, which generated $13 Million/year in revenue. He managed all aspects of the project plan including site selection, staff hiring, warehouse design and build-out, equipment purchases, IT infrastructure design, operations management, and training.

The guiding principle of Wetherill Associates was to do the right thing for customers, for suppliers, and the community as the primary goal, and let profits flow naturally from that effort. These principles meshed perfectly with Robert’s values and helped to shape his keen interest in the Green industry. Before joining LED Saving Solutions, he helped two start-up companies in the Green industry with their business development, training, and marketing efforts. He has been involved with solar power, wind power, power factor correction, as well as high efficiency lighting.

As the company grew internationally and took on foreign subsidiaries, Robert went to China to train the Shanghai office staff to take on purchasing and product sourcing functions. After traveling extensively in China, he became very aware of the wide adoption of highly efficient LED lighting in China’s most modern business centers and newer buildings.

Robert has a Certified Purchasing Management certification from Penn State, a Lean Manufacturing certification from the Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center, and has worked extensively with Six-Sigma black belts to help streamline business operations and cut waste.

Since joining the LED Saving Solutions team, Robert’s mission is to connect with Green minded organizations, and businesses implementing sustainability programs to spread the word about the incredible ROI of upgrading to LED lighting. His major responsibility is to generate networks of like-minded Green businesses looking to improve their bottom line, improve the environment, and improve the quality of life for their business partners.

“We are extremely excited to add Robert to our team. With his background and expertise, we feel he will be a tremendous asset as we move forward in this energy revolution.” –President Charlie Szoradi. To learn more about LED Saving Solutions and its leadership team, Click Here http://www.ledsavingsolutions.com/projects/about-us

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