The Vatican Installs Led's, Reduces Energy Use by 90%

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Posted on Tuesday 5th February 2019
The Vatican






Source:  Energy Manager Today by Emily Holbrook

In Rome’s Vatican City, renaissance church Papal Basilica of St. Peter has completed an energy efficiency program to reduce costs. The church partnered with technology firm OSRAM and the Cathedral Construction Works of St. Peter’s to replace lights with energy efficient and smart LED models.

Some 100,000 LEDs have been installed. Building operators are now equipped with an intelligent lighting control system to manage energy use within the 22,000 square meter building.

The digital control system allows specific lighting scenarios to be selected, created or modified. For instance, operators can dim and brighten the lights in line with an event being conducted or time of the day to avoid excess energy being consumed.

The project is expected to reduce energy use and costs by 90%.

Olaf Berlien, CEO of OSRAM Licht, said: “The project demonstrates just how history and high tech can be combined in the best possible way by using the right expertise. More than 500 years of history are now being bathed in digitally controlled LED light.”

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