Presidential Power and Climate Policy Action

Posted on Thursday 5th August 2010

Congress is having a hard time passing new laws to limit greenhouse gas pollution and spur clean energy innovation. Congressional legislation, however, is not the US government's only option.

The Executive Branch has power too, and, according to a new report (.pdf) - authored by the Presidential Climate Action Project (PCAP) - there are five things that President Obama can do right now that would make the United States the world leader in climate policy action.

Bill Becker, PCAP's Executive Director, has listed and explained his organization's five recommendations in a guest blog post on Climate Progress.

According to Becker...

These recommendations alone won’t save the world. Nor can President Obama. A national cap and price on carbon remains an essential game-changer. But executive action can provide a far better start than Congress has given us so far, particularly if it warms the negotiating climate in Cancun [link added].

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