Senators Not Unveiling Climate Bill On Earth Day

Jake de Grazia
Posted on Friday 16th April 2010

Senators John Kerry (D-MA), Lindsay Graham (R-SC), and Joe Leiberman (I-CT) have decided to push the release of their much anticipated climate and energy bill from April 22 to April 26.

Why? According to Senator Graham (as reported by The National Journal):

"One, we're not ready," he said. Second, he said, the message "had been driven by global warming policy" but is now domestic energy policy, job creation and cleaner air. "We don't want to mix messages here. I'm all for protecting the Earth, but this is about energy independence."

Treehugger's Brian Merchant thinks the Senators were probably making a smart move. But he also considers the sociopolitical climate of moment in dire need of a change:

Lord knows that in a sane world, the majority of people and statesmen would be pretty excited about a movement to avert incoming global catastrophe. But we don't quite live in that world--we live in a world where politicians in some of the highest elected offices openly mock science; one where millions of people think global warming is a hoax. And remember, there are plenty of people who think environmentalists are still crazy radical hippies, only now they also think they're socialists. Sigh.

What do you think? Are the Senators doing the right thing? And is this world as crazy as it seems?

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