Bill McKibben, OJ Simpson, and Climate Change

Jake de Grazia
Posted on Friday 26th February 2010
Author and activist Bill McKibben published a fascinating op-ed piece yesterday comparing climate change skeptics with the defense lawyers in the OJ Simpson trial.

Faced with massive evidence against their client, OJ's lawyers teased out the doubt they needed by attacking law enforcement's process and the individual players involved in the investigation. And, for a seemingly counter-intuitive reason, it worked:

"If anything, they were actually helped by the mountain of evidence. If a haystack gets big enough, the odds only increase that there will be a few needles hidden inside."

And, of course, the climate science haystack has its needles. Which is why, according to Bill McKibben, climate-concerned citizens need to help climate-concerned scientists with social and political activism.

Read the whole article here.

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