Drains and Faucets

Part of your plumbing maintenance includes maintaining your drains and faucets. This section provides informative articles about drain cleaning, drain cleaners, faucet installation and repair, plumbing supplies and skills, household plumbing projects, and low flow kitchen and bathroom faucets. Learn more about drains and faucets!
Drains and Faucets
  • Drains and Faucets

    For Drains and Faucets, consider: Drain Cleaners, Drain Cleaning, Faucet Installation and Repair, Household Plumbing Projects, Low flow Kitchen and Bath Faucets, and Plumbing supplies and Techniques.

    Every time that water leaves your house you are draining away a natural resource. Low flow faucets are great way to deduce the lost resources. Naturally, low flow shower heads also help along with water efficient clothes washers and dish washers. As Americans, we use an average of 100 gallons of water per day for each household member.

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