Spring Solar Suggestions and Tips

By Adam Eisman and the Great Green Home Show, GREENandSAVE.com
Posted on Sunday 19th April 2009

Spring is here, and with it the fresh air and mild temperatures that we’ve been dreaming of since the leaves left us in fall. And with spring come great new opportunities to save on your energy bills by utilizing the sun. Listed below are some great tips on how to use the sun to your advantage when considering utility savings this spring.

  1. Clothes Lines – Why not let the awesome power of the sun dry your clothes for you? It is extremely low impact, and requires only a line and some clothes pins. Do laundry like its 1929, and save a ton on your electricity bill.
  2. Southerly Facing Windows – If you are going to install new windows, think about adding some larger framed ones on the side of your home facing south. This will let the sun in, warming your home naturally in the winter, but one summer rolls around, the sun will be positioned at such an angle that it will not add heat in the months where it should be avoided.
  3. Sunrooms – Consider a sunroom to add heat your home. Vents in the sunroom can guide the warmed air into your home with the help of a solar powered fan for air flow.
  4. Skylights and Sun tubes – With the help of clear glass at various points on the highest floor of your home, you may not have to flip the light switch as often. With a proper sun tube, a sunny day will provide enough light for your room without having to turn on any lights.
  5. Green House – With a green house on your property, you can grow your own food inside of it and outside. A smart garden on your property is a great way to eat locally and organically, and to encourage your children to try new vegetables, as they had a hand in actually making them.
  6. Rain Barrels – Rain barrels collect rain water that you can use at a later time to water your garden, or really however you see fit. There are add-ons to rain barrels, like solar pumps, that, using the energy from the sun, can direct the water from the rain barrel to other destinations.
  7. Solar Panels – Sure they may be expensive, but think about how cool it would be. There are even a lot of tax credits and rebates out there to bring the cost down. Consider adding solar panels to the south side of the roof, and never having to worry about your utility bills again.

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