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Posted on Thursday 16th July 2009

Location:Atlanta, GA



Mission: Wheego wants to make the best electric cars in the world, and educate everyone as to the practical benefits of owning and driving one. We don’t aspire to be the biggest car company, or make the fastest cars. We won’t hype or exaggerate the capabilities of our electric cars. We want our customers to be happy and smart advocates for electric cars.

Wheego Electric Cars is an innovation-driven and environmentally-conscious manufacturer of Electric Vehicles (EVs). Under the leadership of Mike McQuary, CEO and former MindSpring entrepreneur, Wheego Electric Cars has become a leader in the integration of advanced technology components. Wheego Electric Cars is one of the first EV companies to deliver affordable fully capable, street legal LSV/MSV electric cars for everyday consumer use.

The Leadership:

Mike McQuary


Since: 2007

Biographical highlights: Prior to joining Wheego, McQ was focused on the music business as the CEO of Brash Music. Before that he was the president of the ISP EarthLink after its merger with MindSpring in February 2000. McQ developed the concept behind MindSpring with Charles Brewer, and was the president and COO of MindSpring. Prior to MindSpring, McQ served for 9 years in a variety of sales, marketing, operations, and management positions with a division of Mobil Corporation. McQ was on the varsity wrestling team at the University of Virginia and managed to receive a bachelor's degree in psychology while missing few (if any) parties. He did the nights and weekends thing to get a masters degree in business administration from Pepperdine University. McQ serves on the Board of Inner Strength - an at risk youth education program, and is on the Chastain Park Conservancy Advisory Board.

Jeff Boyd


Since: 2008

Biographical highlights:

Jeff Boyd came to Wheego with over 25 years of automotive experience. At Wheego, Boyd’s top priorities are to oversee daily operations of Wheego Electric Cars, build the Wheego consumer brand, develop a world class dealer organization to provide sales and service support for Wheego, and to facilitate the development of the company’s FS/FS (full size/full speed) all electric sedan. Prior to joining the company Boyd was CEO of Miles Electric Vehicles in Santa Monica, California. Previously, he was COO of the O’Brien Automotive Team, which operated 32 franchises at 14 locations in four states, and he was an executive with United Auto Group, the second largest publicly traded automotive retailer in the U.S.

GREEN Questions:

  1. What are the smart, green or eco-friendly features of your business or product?
    The Wheego Whip is an all-electric low-speed vehicle that offers consumers an emission-free method of transportation. The Whip distinguishes itself from other electric vehicles currently on the market with its long running dry cell sealed (AGM) batteries, which require no maintenance and will not harm the environment.

  2. What inspired your business or product?
    At the same time the traditional automotive industry began to falter, there was explosive growth in battery technology and increasing concern about global warming and energy security. A small, intelligent and nimble company could fill the void with an an affordable electric car. The Wheego Whip will meet the growing consumer demand.

  3. How do you envision customers using your services or product?
    Wheego is filling a real demand gap for alternative transportation that is affordable. People want to be environmentally conscious with their vehicle choices, but they don’t want to sacrifice styling and comfort to do it. The Wheego Whip fills this need. The Whip will not be the right car for everyone, it depends upon your personal transportation needs. While it could be the sole car in for some drivers, it is just as likely to be a family’s 2nd car, or even 3rd car, and then they can pick the right tool for the right transportation need.

  4. How do you see your business or product fitting in to the green movement?
    As a combination of macro-events causes the American public to take personal inventory of their habits across a wide spectrum which includes personal transportation, Wheego is entering the marketplace with cutting-edge cars that fill a middle-market demand gap at the right time, with the right vehicles and a developing national dealer network that will provide outstanding service and support.

  5. What would you change about your community, country or world to make it more eco-friendly?
    We feel consumers around the world should be making some sort of effort to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether that’s through recycling, purchasing locally grown food or using alternative transportation, everything little bit helps.

Product statistics:

  1. When was your product first conceived? 2007

  2. Where was it conceived? In Atlanta, Georgia

  3. Who is responsible for developing it? Wheego Electric Cars, Inc.

  4. How much was the original retail price? How much does it cost now? Pricing starts at $18,995, and the Whip costs about 3 cents per mile to operate. There is also a $7500 Federal Tax credit for cars purchased in 2009.

  5. Where is it currently made? Parts and chasses come from the U.S., Canada and China with final assembly in Ontario, California.

  6. Where was it first made available? The vehicle will begin shipping across the US in August of 2009. Consumers can currently reserve their Wheego Whip online at

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