Recycle Old School Computers with Apple

By Adam Eisman – Contributing Writer
Posted on Friday 8th May 2009

With their iPods and iPhones, Apple, Inc. has become somewhat omnipresent in our society. Just try to watch an hour of prime time television and not hear “Hi, I’m a Mac. And I’m a PC.” As the replacement for the rocking Cola Wars of the late 20th century, the computer battle rages, with each corporate entity attempting to position itself as the necessary and sufficient option in personal computing.

With this in mind, Apple, Inc. has just made itself much more visible to scores of youngsters by offering a recycling program for old computers and peripherals to schools. The program seeks to recycle old Macs, PCs, as well as their peripherals, such as printers, mice and keyboards and is available to any Kindergarten to 12th grade or higher education facility. The only requirements are that a school must have 235 pieces of recycle-ready equipment, and they must register for the service by July 31 of this year. The equipment must be arranged to be taken away by the following August 31. The old pieces of technology must also be packaged in a particular way.

This is a great offer from Apple, however it is temporary. These offers do not come along often, so it is in the all of our best interests to spread the word about free, and effective computer recycling. Check out more about the offer on is a free resource for anyone that wants to save energy, money, and the environment. The articles, product reviews, online tools, and return on investment calculations are researched from a diverse range of public and private sector sources. Overall, the company is passionate about saving money as well as creating healthy homes, offices, and lifestyles.

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