U.S. LED Manufacturer goes the extra mile to protect LED Tubes

Posted on Saturday 18th August 2012
Protecting the Precious Cargo

Companies that make great products are often the same ones that take great care in getting them through the distribution chain to the end users unharmed. There is no exception in the new Green Energy Economy. “We are focused like a laser on engineering and manufacturing the highest performing LED tubes and Multi-tube LED fixtures on the global market from our LED Manufacturing facility right here in America. So, we have taken the time to design a system and protect each tube in transit. SupplyOne has proven to be a great supplier in achieving our goal of delivering quality at every turn.” - Charlie Szoradi - Independence LED (www.IndependenceLED.com), Chairman and CEO

The photograph in this article illustrates the way that Independence LED custom designed foam inserts to protect their LED tubes in transit.

LED Tube Packaging Provider: SupplyOne (www.SupplyOne.com) was founded in 1998 with a vision to create a national specialty packaging company. To realize its vision, SupplyOne has aggressively sought out and acquired a number of packaging companies that are well established in their markets and distinguished by their packaging expertise. Their capabilities embrace everything to do with packaging – from the outer package, including pressure-sensitive labels and marking systems, to interior packaging, packaging supplies, and equipment.

These companies, individually, provide responsive local service. Together, they give SupplyOne the broad capabilities to meet the total packaging solutions demanded by today's emerging e-commerce and traditional business shippers worldwide. Independence LED saw the total package solution offered by SupplyOne as a key attribute that differentiated SupplyOne from the competition.

"Our pledge is to provide our customers with innovative packaging that protects and presents their products to their customers in the best way possible" - Bill Leith – SupplyOne, President and CEO

Increasing Demand for LED Tube Packaging: The recent ban by the Department of Energy (DOE) on July 14th, 2012, on inefficient T12 fluorescent tubes has contributed to the adoption of energy saving 2', 4' and 8' LED tubes. Plus, CASH for CLUNKERS Lighting incentive programs have fueled the pace of LED Tube retrofits over the less efficient T8 Fluorescent tubes. This trend has increased the demand for the U.S. LED manufacturing support for reliable and cost-effective packaging to protect the LED Tubes in transit. LED manufacturers like Independence LED that produce LED Tubes in American LED manufacturing facilities are an example of a growing trend of U.S. manufacturing of energy related products that save money and create jobs. The jobs are created not just on the LED tubes but on all of the related support work and services. See this article on the range of American Job Creation with U.S. LED Manufacturing

LED manufacturers have typically been overseas, but Independence LED moved its LED manufacturing from China to Boyertown, Pennsylvania in 2010. The company has seen a tremendous lift in its sales as a U.S. based LED manufacturer as the LED tube market has grown.

For persepctive you can see a packaging stack photograph of the bulk cardboard boxes at the Boyertown, PA manufacturing facility reflecting the increasing demand week after week for the Independence LED tubes. These boxes, that are laid flat, each hold the standard case of twelve (12) LED Tubes that are most commonly 2’ LED Tubes, 4’ LED Tubes, or 8’ LED Tubes. Independence LED makes the 3’ LED Tubes, 5’ LED Tubes, 6’ LED Tubes, and 7’ LED Tubes but they are significantly less common applications to replace fluorescent tubes than the core 2’, 4’, and 8’ LED Tubes.

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