Purge Virus Engages with FASTSIGNS of Exton, PA for Clean Air Graphics and COVID-19 Disinfection 


Posted on Wednesday 10th March 2021
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This release below about Clean Air is the follow on to a previously posted Clean Air Article, that includes supporting photographs.

Purge Virus Engages with FASTSIGNS of Exton, PA for Clean Air Graphics and COVID-19 Disinfection 

Berwyn, PA, March 10, 2021 – Purge Virus (https://purgevirus.com/), a wholly owned subsidiary of FOMO CORP. (https://www.fomoworldwide.com/ - US OTC: ETFM) is pleased to announce that it has engaged with independently-owned FASTSIGNS of Exton, PA (https://www.fastsigns.com/philadelphia-pa/368-exton) to provide marketing graphics and improved indoor air quality (IAQ) for COVID-19 disinfection. 

Inside buildings, clean air is important now more than ever, especially since COVID-19 and its variants are respiratory diseases. Over the summer of 2020, Purge Virus chose FASTSIGNS of Exton, PA as its national provider for the design and production of the Purge Virus static cling storefront “Clean Air!” stickers. This winter, Purge Virus extended the relationship to include the “Clean Air!” vehicle graphic wrap. The first vehicle was rolled out of production on March 3, and the white text with the Purge Virus shield on the deep blue Tesla is designed for maximum impact. (See: https://purgevirus.com/clean-air/)

Purge Virus provides ventilation and IAQ improvement via economizers and energy recovery ventilators plus portable disinfection devices and in-duct ultraviolet and bi-polar ionization that meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. The Purge Virus disinfection technologies also meet Underwriters Laboratories (UL 867 and UL 2998) standards for zero ozone, and the ultraviolet (UV-C 243.7 nm) is proven to inactivate pathogens.

Purge Virus is engaging with FASTSIGNS of Exton, PA to provide disinfection, and the installation will be provided by Purge Virus’ HVAC systems integration partner, PVBJ (https://www.pvbjinc.com/). Since many businesses have not budgeted for disinfection, Purge Virus has launched an innovative IAQ as-a-Service (https://purgevirus.com/iaq-as-a-service/) that does not have any upfront cost for customers.

Chris Mengel, VP of Operations with FASTSIGNS of Exton, PA, said: “The ‘Clean Air!’ initiative by Purge Virus is an exciting and timely opportunity to inform people about one of the key ways to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and future pathogens. We have been pleased to help out with the graphics along the way.”

Charles Szoradi, CEO of Purge Virus, LLC, commented: “Our team has been impressed with the work by FASTSIGNS, and I personally appreciate the attention to detail and excellent customer service by Chris Mengel, VP of Operations, Olivia Grimley, Graphic Designer, and Ray Hunter, Production Specialist. As Purge Virus continues to grow, we look forward to ongoing work with the FASTSIGNS team.”

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