LED Grow Lights increase Cannabis Trichomes


Posted on Saturday 9th February 2019

The indoor farming industry for leafy greens, such as lettuce, basil, and microgreens, has largely embraced LED lighting to reduce electricity operating expenses and increase plant growth.

The growing cannabis market has been slower to adopt the energy saving LED technology, for fear of performance. In short, cannabis growers have not wanted to sacrifice the yield of their buds and tricomes on the sugar leaves in exchange for saving money on electricity.  

The latest advancements in LED grow lights give cannabis growers the ability to save energy (which = money) and produce outstanding yields.

Here is a comparison detail demonstrating that cannabis LED grow lights produce higher density trichomes on the sugar leaves (upper image) than on the plants without the LEDs, growing with just natural light (lower image). This comparison is from a glasshouse farm in Salinas, California. The LED grow lights were provided by Independence LED Lighting.

LED grow light

Cannabis trichomes


101 on Trichomes for any of you that may care to learn more: 

Trichomes (Greek τρίχωμα meaning "hair"), are fine outgrowths or appendages on plants, algae, lichens, and certain protists.

Trichomes are responsible for producing the cannabis plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes. Trichomes contain resin glands that make the terpenes, THCA, CBDA, and other phytocannabinoids for which cannabis is known.

Sugar trim or sugar leaves refer to the small leaves that hold cannabis buds together. They are called sugar leaves due to the high concentration of trichomes that cover the leaf with a sugar-like appearance. Because of their high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, sugar leaves are typically trimmed off of the plant after it has been harvested and are then used for the production of concentrates.

A cola refers to a cluster of buds that grow tightly together. While smaller colas occur along the budding sites of lower branches, the main cola (sometimes called the apical bud) forms at the very top of the plant.

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