It’s always the right time to spice up your outdoors and keep it nice and clean – tips and tricks

Sarah Jessica Smith - Contributing writer


Posted on Wednesday 5th December 2018



When it comes to cleaning things, outdoor surfaces can be a hassle to deal with. Anything that is outside can get mighty dirty, and it can get dirty quite fast. It’s an inescapable part of cleaning your house, so might as well get to it. It being dirty work doesn't mean it has to be dirty in regards to the environment. You'll see a lot of different cleaning products for outside cleaning that are strong; perhaps even too strong. Don't give in to the temptation to go the easy route when cleaning your outdoors. Here are some tips to keep it clean in both senses of the word.

1. Be careful with your driveway

You should exercise caution when cleaning your driveway. You might be tempted to just wash it off with a hose and some soap, but this isn’t exactly good for the environment. The water that you use will inevitably flow down through storm drains and end up in the local water supply. If you wash your own car in the driveway, it might be even worse for the environment. Consider all the soap, oil and automotive fluids that will go down with the water.

There are some ways to mitigate damage when washing your driveway. Start with some biodegradable soap, as it’s much better for the environment. If you wash your car, do it on grass or gravel where water can be slightly filtered before entering the local supply. Troublesome oil stains should be taken care of with an absorbent material like sand. Washing them away will only push the problem towards the street where children might play, or let them get into drains.

2. Keep an attractive exterior

Keeping an aesthetically pleasing look is essential for your home. Nobody likes having a run-down exterior that isn’t nice to look at. Cleaning it should be simple. For starters, you have to figure out what method of cleaning best suits the material in question. Most of the time, some water and a pressure washer are all you need. Wood shingles and masonry are the exceptions; you shouldn’t apply too much pressure on them.

Once you’ve finished cleaning the exterior walls, some decorations are in order. There are tons of plants you can add to your green thumb portfolio, and new ones are popping up every day. If your thoughts are aimed at practicality, you could opt for lemon mint. Looks nice, smells nice, and it might come in handy for cocktail nights.

3. Windows need extra care

Everybody likes having spotless windows. After all, you’re probably regularly enjoying the view of your garden from the inside of your house. Keeping them clean and transparent is essential for having the complete cleanliness experience. Clean windows don’t have to come at a cost to the environment. Toxic chemicals aren’t necessary. Mild soap and a lint-free soft cloth are the way to go. For cleaning, all you need is a vinegar solution mixed with water.

Washing windows every other day is a tedious job, and they get dirty quite often. You might have a lot of them and they might be in some hard to reach places. The outside surfaces can be hard to reach, as well. Not using any chemicals also slows the process for most people. To save your time and the environment, you can always ask for help and cleaning at Renew Outdoor Cleaning – that’s how you’ll keep all windows clean and you won’t harm the environment.

4. You don’t need antibacterial soap

After a long day of cleaning your garden or driveway, you’re going to feel like your hands are dirtier than ever. Dirt and plants are natural hosts to tons of different bacteria and moulds. It can bring out the germaphobe in anyone. But don’t give into the bacterial fear-mongering of soap commercials! Antibacterial soap hasn’t proven more effective than regular soap when it comes to washing away dirt and bugs. Killing the bacteria isn’t necessary if it’s washed away no matter what.

Antibacterial soaps are also harmful to the environment and might be a health concern. Adding antibiotics unnecessarily adds to the growing problem of bacterial resistance. While they do kill some bacteria, the leftover ones are stronger because of it. This could inevitably lead to a stronger bacterial population. Keeping your regular soap will do the job just fine


In conclusion, cleaning your house in an environmentally friendly way is possible even in an outdoor setting. People are becoming more aware of damage to the environment and the impact it can have on our close ones. Harmful chemicals seep into the ground and the water we use, so switching to more eco-friendly methods is absolutely necessary. If you follow some of these tips, you’ll be on your way towards helping reduce pollution.



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