Energy Saving Ideas for a Sustainable Workplace


Posted on Friday 2nd July 2021

Operating a business involves effective planning and execution of ideas from employers and employees. It also has to deal with different costs that a company must shoulder, such as space rentals, utilities, employees’ salaries, and benefits. People who run their business are always looking for ways they can continue to profit. One of the most critical factors in a successful business is saving energy to achieve a sustainable workplace. To do this, check these energy-saving ideas for your business.

Use Natural Lighting and Switch Off Artificial Lights

A good office layout will always have a source of natural lighting and do not depend entirely on artificial lights. There are office spaces that can utilize window openings that let in sunlight and only use artificial lights in dark areas and at night.

To conserve energy, an office needs to install window shades to help regulate the heat from the sun. Some may opt for light shades to let the sunlight in but will prevent trapping heat. It is also best that reminders are posted around the office to switch off the lights when not in use, specifically in spaces like meeting rooms, reception, stairs, pantry, or corridors.

Use Energy Saving Light Bulbs

If your workspace does not have enough access to natural lighting during the daytime, you need to use artificial lights, but you may replace the bulbs with energy-saving bulbs or low-wattage bulbs. There are also LED or CFL lights available in the market, which consumes less energy and has a longer lifespan.

Laptops Over Desktops

There are many advantages of using laptops over desktops. They are more efficient because they are portable, powerful, and consume less energy than desktops. Smaller monitors use less energy than bigger screens, and many employees have lines of work that do not depend on huge monitors. It would be best to opt for laptops when purchasing equipment for your workplace.

Toggle Hibernation Feature

All computers have hibernation features that can contribute to conserving energy for your office. It would be great to remind everyone to use the hibernation mode whenever they are not using their computers. This applies whenever someone takes a break from work or goes to a meeting and won’t be using it for an extended period.

Hibernation mode is a great feature in computers that lets the users save their work and can continue their activity at the same point when they return. Setting a computer in hibernation mode whenever the user is inactive for a few minutes can save energy for the workplace.

Energy Saving Features

Most modern devices today have energy-saving features and can still provide optimum performance when in use. Appliances and other electronic devices such as printers, air conditioners, refrigerators, and microwaves also have this feature, which employees regularly use in a workplace. It would also be best to remind everyone in the office about this feature, which is usually easy to operate.

Upgrade Old Equipment

Old electronics and appliances that cannot perform at their maximum efficiency will only use excessive power to add to your expenses. It would be best to replace them with new ones that are energy-saving and cost-efficient.

You should also remember that disposing of old equipment should be done in a proper way. Take note of the companies that accept old appliances for recycling, whether you can bring them to them or call them to pick up the items.

Push for Sustainability

Promoting sustainability within your workplace is everyone’s responsibility to make a business work. Provide information to all employees, particularly when onboarding and hiring new ones, on the importance of saving energy. The business will improve its profitability just by having discipline in energy usage.

Follow these tips and you’ll surely be on your way to more savings!

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