Commercial LED Lighting companies increasingly use YouTube to define opportunities


Posted on Friday 6th January 2017


While YouTube is primarily used as a consumer to consumer resource, it also offers as a valuable “player” for businesses to share information about their products and services. If your company offers products and services that deliver cost-effective energy-efficiency or sustainability, please feel free to send us the link(s) to videos to post online. We prefer videos that are under 3 minutes. To summit videos:

Here is an example of a recent video that the company posted to YouTube and also has on the home page of their website:

Direct link to video on YouTube:

This is a two and a half minute introduction video for Independence LED Lighting that manufactures Made in USA LED lights with the industry leading 10 Year Warranty. Independence LED Lighting also provides comprehensive solution services to support its clients. To learn more visit:

Here the content covered in this video from the description on YouTube:

Charlie Szoradi, the founder and CEO of Independence LED Lighting opens the video by saying, “We are a professional lighting solutions company with American made, LED manufacturing experience and insight.” He also says that he is pleased to share with you how Independence LED lighting adds value to your business as the introduction to a few sample customer testimonials. The graphic slides reinforce the Made in USA LED lighting reliability and the LED 10 year warranty. Reliable LED lights are increasingly important for property owners and managers, and Independence LED Lighting delivers the quality and reliability that its clients seek. American made LED lights save money and help create American jobs, and this video also includes sample footage of the made in USA manufacturing process.

Independence LED Lighting serves two primary types of clients: #1 Property Owners with multiple locations and #2 Professionals in Facility Management or Lighting Sales. 

Overall, Independence LED delivers reliable and cost-effective LED lighting products and solutions. Let us know how we can help you now and for many years to come. 

LED Lighting Products: If you are a Professional in Facility Management or Lighting Sales, you are probably looking for a line of products that are high quality and cost-effective. You may simply want reliable LED lighting at the right price. 

We have a proven track record with our Made in USA LED technology, and we back it up with the industry leading full 10-year LED warranty. We also enhance our US made LED technology offerings through strategic relationships with other leading manufacturers that we certify in our own laboratory here in Pennsylvania. This enables you to provide trusted and reliable products to your customers and end users. 

LED Lighting Solutions: If you are a Property Owner, you probably have heard about the many benefits of energy efficient lighting and may you be looking for a trusted source that can help integrate them into your properties. You want a highly educated, experienced and expert service team along with cost-effective solutions for all aspects of your properties. We are the right team for you. 

Over the past decade, lighting has become increasingly complicated, and we provide the simplified lighting solutions you need. Our services range from auditing, design and computer layouts to rebate administration and installation coordination. 

Plus, we can provide the financing, including $0 upfront cost options. This enables you to have a trusted lighting solutions partner to deliver value across your portfolio of properties. 

For more information call the company’s Greater Philadelphia headquarters at 484-588-5401. You may also contact Independence LED Lighting via email at or through the contact page:

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