6 Styling Tips for Bringing Nature Indoors

Chloe Taylor - Contributing Writer

Posted on Thursday 24th June 2021
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By now, we all know that nature has a positive impact on human health, mood and wellbeing—it can boost relaxation and improve mindfulness. For all those reasons, we should all strive to incorporate as many natural elements into our houses. So if you also want to hop on this trend and bring nature indoors, here are a few styling tips that will help you achieve a perfectly nature-inspired interior. Here’s what you need to do: 

Providing natural light

Natural light is one of the most important elements for human wellbeing, so make sure to let the sunshine in. Is there anything more relaxing than gently waking up with the sun on your skin or beautiful sunset colors entering your home in the evening? Besides being easy on the eyes and relaxing, the sun is very beneficial to our physical health and mood. People who spend too much time without natural light can develop depression and anxiety, so make sure to keep your curtains open and remove all big furniture away from your windows. If your budget allows, you can even install big glass panels in your living room to get relaxing views of your garden and enjoy sunshine all day long. 

Welcome plants and flowers

Besides letting the sun inside, the most obvious design choice would be to incorporate indoor plants and flowers into your home. To create a healthy and exotic atmosphere in your home, you can add a potted tree to your living room—you will feel like you live in a lux beach house. If you want to go big, you can even transform an entire wall into a living vertical garden. Make sure to express your creativity and add different sorts of flowers and succulents to your green wall to reflect your tastes and personality. 

Incorporating natural colors

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Next, you might want to take a more indirect approach with letting nature inside by decorating with natural colors and patterns that are inspired by your environment. Start by adding different shades of green and blue to your space, or you might want to be bold and create a sun-yellow accent wall. Also, accessories, furniture and fabrics can also be dyed in natural colors to tie everything together. Here’s an example to inspire you: add small floral throw pillows to match your monochromatic couch and add a touch of life and nature to space. 

Opt for natural flooring

If you’re serious about filling your house with natural elements, don’t neglect the flooring. Instead of man-made flooring materials, opt for something natural like wood, bamboo or cork that will make you feel one with nature. Also, these materials are easy to maintain, good for your health, good for the environment and long-lasting. To complete the picture, you can warm up space with a Miss Amara natural rug that will anchor your space. Their neutral colors, nature-inspired patterns and organic materials are perfect for any biophilic environment. There are even pet-friendly carpets and rugs that are stain-resistant, don’t retain odors and can stand harsh and frequent vacuuming—plus they are soft enough for your pet’s afternoon naps. 

Use natural materials

All-natural furniture can look amazing in your home, all while being sturdy and reliable for many generations to come. Almost all furniture types come in wood versions, so make sure to consider this option. If you’re not a fan of wood, you can opt for stone. A stone sink can look amazing in your kitchen or bathroom and serve as a striking feature piece. You can also go for other natural furniture pieces like wicker storage. 

Decorate with natural items

natural materials

No matter how small, décor items can also make a difference in your home and welcome nature even more. Natural accessories like cushions, bedding, paintings and other elements decorated with animals, plants and natural scenery can do wonders for your home. You can also go scavenging for natural items to use as decoration at your home. Things you can find during your beach outing or forest hike shells, driftwood, stones and branches can be used to decorate your home in amazing ways. These elements cost nothing, yet give your home an all-around natural outdoor effect. 

We all should spend more time in nature, but our city life prevents us from that. However, if you can’t visit the great outdoors, you can always bring nature to you and your family. Decorate your home with the aforementioned tricks in mind and you will reconnect with Mother Earth and reap all the benefits of a natural environment. 


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