Green Collar Jobs on the Rise with Help of the Eco Academy

By Adam Eisman,
Posted on Sunday 22nd March 2009
As tough economic times persist, many Americans have looked to the green movement for both ways to save money, as well as ways to find work. Green collar jobs are one of the fastest growing sectors in the United States, and over the next 20 years, the field may be responsible for roughly 10% of new jobs.

GREENandSAVE, LLC is offering the opportunity to become better acquainted with the industry, as well as the skills necessary to save money and energy in your own life. Upon graduation, Eco Academy students will have the training to conduct Home Efficiency Checkups on homes that are looking to become more efficient in any way possible.

The first graduating class of the GREENandSAVE Eco Academy epitomizes the can do spirit of Americans. They come from diverse backgrounds, but they are undaunted in the face of economic peril and have chosen to re-educate themselves in a vastly expanding field that will not only spur the economy, but will divorce the United States from our reliance on fossil fuels and unsustainable living. Listed below is a short biography for each member of the first graduating class.

  • Yvonne King was born and raised in the Philadelphia area and attended a local university and focused on biological studies. With that background, she has worked in the pharmaceutical industry since graduating in 1997. She has always been concerned about the environment, especially large companies' impact on it, and has decided to explore it deeper and help make a change as a Home Energy Consultant.
  • Steve Clark is a PhD. Biophysicist recently laid off from the pharmaceutical industry after 10 years. Steve is very enthusiastic about the Eco Academy because it shows how to combine practicality (saving homeowners money) and idealism (saving the planet) so well. Steve is married with 4 children in Havertown and enjoys blues and roots music.
  • Sean Darras is a recent Mechanical Engineering Graduate from the University of Delaware. He has worked as a sustainable real estate developer as well as one of Philadelphia's largest energy companies.
  • Ross Woodson, after graduating from Cornell University in 2006 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, began working for a large energy company in the Philadelphia area, gaining valuable industry knowledge. He is now hoping to use his experiences to help others realize the value of being environmentally conscious.
  • Paul Nyce is an international business professional with more than 32 years experience in sales, marketing, customer service, consulting and executive management since 1977. He has expertise in project packaging and management, planning and new business development with emphasis on achieving sales gains and efficiency. Mr. Nyce was also a Systems Programmer for the first IBM 360 computer in the USA in 1967.
  • Katherine Mosher is a 44 year old stepmother of three. She was a Retail Buyer for 20 years with companies such as Proctor & Gamble, the Home Shopping Network and most recently joined Express Clothing Company as a Senior Forecast Analyst for their online business. Over the past year, Mrs. Mosher has made the decision to seek out different ways to “green” her own life, although living in Ohio narrowed her options. She decided to make the trip out east and participate in the Eco Academy.
  • Hugo Buda, Jr. is a graduate of Penn State University. He earned his BS in Horticulture in 1980, and ever since he has been active in the Landscape Industry and Ornamental Plant Nursery trade. A native of Argentina, now residing in Royersford, Hugo insists, "I am looking forward to helping homeowners become more environmentally conscious and energy efficient in their homes, while at the same time saving money."
  • Frank Cosmi is a retired pastry shop owner and a father of two. He currently is an English Major, taking evening classes at LaSalle University.
  • Dave Alzedah comes to real estate by way of owning and operating a successful painting company that he started when he was just 23 years old. During the painting years, he learned plenty about home construction and construction management. Since 2000, Mr. Alzadeh has been a full time real estate investor in the Philadelphia and South Jersey markets. His investing experience varies from acquisition of residential properties for rehab and rental and wholesaling, to building modular houses on single lots and reselling them for profit. Dave is starting to incorporate Green and environmentally friendly construction practices into his business. is a free resource for anyone that wants to save energy, money, and the environment. The articles, product reviews, online tools, and return on investment calculations are researched from a diverse range of public and private sector sources. Overall, the company is passionate about saving money as well as creating healthy homes, offices, and lifestyles.

Check out for information on the Eco Academy. While there, think about scheduling a Home Efficiency Checkup in order to save Thousands on your utility bills.

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