Office Geo-Thermal

Spend $30,000 now and SAVE $3,000 each year... ROI = 10%

The ground temperate is a constant that you can use to heat and cool your office. Over the summer the deep ground temperature is warmer than the air and into the summer it is cooler. The 'ground-source heat pump system' uses underground water from a 1,000-foot deep well and pumps, or uses lateral trenches and heat exchangers to move the water. The system uses no fossil fuels and provides comfort year-round, with zero CO2 emissions, for a fraction of the operating cost of conventional HVAC systems, and as heating, cooling and ventilation account for about 50% of an office's annual energy consumption, the savings are real.

Geothermal systems also have fewer moving parts than conventional systems, so they are more reliable, require less maintenance, and they last for decades. The ROI Calculation is based on saving $250 per month in heating and cooling bills. To also get a Tax Credit get a Geo-Thermal system with a minimum of EER 14.1 COP 3.3 closed loop, EER 16.2 COP 3.6 open loop, or EER 15 COP 3.5 direct expansion.

Time in
5 Year
Return on
10.0 $30,000 $3,000 $15,000 10.0%

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