Indoor Farming plus Made in USA LED Grow Lights: Profile 1.6


Posted on Tuesday 27th June 2017



This is one of the profiles in an ongoing series covering next generation agriculture. We are seeing an increased trend for indoor farming across the United States and around the world. This is a positive trend given that local farming reduces adverse CO2 emissions from moving food long distances. If you would like us to review and profile your company, just let us know! Contact Us.

Company Profile: BrightFarms

Here is a great example of an indoor farming company with several locations across the United States.

Here is some of the “About Us” content: BrightFarms grew out of non-profit New York Sun Works (NYSW), launched by urban farming visionary—and BrightFarms board member—Dr. Ted Caplow. NYSW created the renowned Science Barge, a prototype, sustainable urban farm and environmental education center on the Hudson River. Following its success, we were flooded with requests to build science-barge-like projects. In 2007 we created a for-profit greenhouse consultancy, BrightFarm Systems, to respond to the demand.

As BrightFarm Systems, an urban greenhouse consultancy, we worked on a dozen farms over two years, including the rooftop greenhouse at The Manhattan School for Children, and the rooftop greenhouse at Forest Houses, an affordable housing project in the Bronx.

Paul Lightfoot became CEO of BrightFarms on January 1, 2011, after his midlife crisis inspired him to combine his career in supply chain management with his passion for bringing food to people that tastes better, is healthier and is better for the environment. Ted Caplow has continued as the Chairman of the company's Board of Directors.

It was Paul’s idea to apply the long-term purchase agreement model that revolutionized the solar industry to the produce industry. By signing long-term purchase agreements with supermarkets, BrightFarms finances, builds, and operates greenhouses at no cost to the retailer.

BrightFarms’ mission is to improve the environmental impact of the food supply chain and increase the relative consumption of whole and fresh foods.

By building greenhouses at or near supermarkets, we’re growing year-round local produce that prioritizes our farmers, our food quality, our health, and our environment.

Since 2011, BrightFarms has partnered with multiple major supermarkets chains and has a number of commercial-scale greenhouses in development. The company has raised over $20 million of capital.

Our Bucks County, PA greenhouse is now delivering farm-fresh local produce to the greater Pennsylvania community, year-round!

Here is the link to learn more:

To date, the cost of man made lighting has been a barrier for indoor agriculture. A new generation of LED lighting provides cost effective opportunities for farmers to deliver local produce. Warehouses and greenhouses are both viable structures for next generation agriculture. Here is one example of next generation made in USA LED grow light technology to help farmers: Commercial LED Grow Lights



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