Commercial Chiller Plant Energy Savings in Indiana


Posted on Sunday 11th October 2020
Clean Energy in Indiana


Our GREENandSAVE Staff is always on the lookout for cost-effective energy savings to help businesses in Indiana become more sustainable. The Energy Intelligence Center has developed some excellent Chiller Plant Energy Savings ranging from 15% to 40% via their OptikW algorithmic software platform. The software solutions do not require new equipment and the compensation for the services is paved on the savings generated. This is a win/win for businesses and the environment.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Optimization are core strengths of the Energy Intelligence Center. As sensor and control technology continues to improve, their team has demonstrated proven results using their advanced logic that leverages ambient conditions like temperature, humidity, and dew point to optimize HVAC systems.

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For an example of other sustainability solutions in Indiana, see:

“A new report from a national public policy advocacy group for the energy sector says clean energy jobs are outpacing auto parts manufacturing jobs in Indiana. Advanced Energy Economy says Indiana had nearly 91,000 advanced energy jobs in 2019, which is a 0.3% increase over the previous year. Caryl Auslander, director of AEE Indiana, says the number of clean energy jobs in 2020 was expected to grow by 2%, but that estimate was made prior to the COVID-19 pandemic taking effect in the U.S.

Auslander says the number of jobs in the sector is about 25,000 more than auto parts manufacturing.

‘This is a significant portion of our workforce here in Indiana as well as in our economy and we're thrilled to see the trends growing here in our state,’ said Auslander. ‘Indiana is a state that builds things and a state that grows things and this is very much a growing sector in our state and it's just showing that customers, companies are really making the move towards more advanced energy options here in the state of Indiana.’"

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