ACCCE Factuality Tour Highlights WE Energies Pleasant Prairie Power Plant

Sean Darras - Contributing Writer
Posted on Thursday 11th June 2009

The Factuality Tour came to Wisconsin recently to showcase the WE Energies Pleasant Prairie Power Plant as one of the premier demonstration sites in the U.S. currently capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the use of coal for electricity.

Produced by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE), the Factuality Tour has been filming throughout the Midwest to demonstrate how America's reliable electricity supply is produced from the "mine to plug."

"The WE Energies Power Plant is the very definition of clean coal technology in action," said Joe Lucas, senior vice president of communications for ACCCE. "Since it came online 30 years ago, the plant has been retrofitted with advanced clean coal technologies resulting in a 90 percent reduction of nitrogen oxide (NOX) and a 95 percent reduction in sulfur dioxide emissions (SO2)."

The Pleasant Prairie facility is also playing a major role in securing America's clean energy future. The facility is home to a pilot project using a chilled ammonia process to capture CO2 from an existing power plant. Developed by Alstom Power Inc., the demonstration project captures 90 percent of the carbon emissions from one percent of the plant's flu gas.

Lucas continued, "From an economic standpoint, plants such as these will continue to serve as major tax revenue bases and sources of income for states and local communities. Significant changes are coming to the infrastructure of our energy makeup in this country. There is little doubt of the benefit these changes will have on local economies as we look to simultaneously create jobs and provide energy for our nation."

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