4 Key Lessons We Can Learn from Environmentally-Friendly Brands

Chloe Taylor - Contributing Writer

Posted on Wednesday 22nd January 2020


As climate change rages on and the world becomes more divided on these relevant issues, some businesses take a clear stance on what needs to be done, and the best ways to do it. Although starting conversations, making statements, and supporting people who do educate the world about climate change is a great start, some brands take it to the next level by changing their own internal operations to the very core. Why? To create a cleaner, waste-free world, in which we can enjoy the commodities we all want and need without causing harm to our beautiful planet.

Others, however, still have a few lessons to learn, so where better to begin than with the businesses that know how to go green. Whether you’re looking to implement smart, yet green initiatives in your own business ranks or you simply want to know which brands you can support by working with them and buying from them due to their eco-friendly steps – here are a few notable names and their efforts to keep in mind.

Furniture with an eco twist by IKEA

eco-friednly furniture

When you look at wooden furniture, you might wonder what could possibly be sustainable about deforestation? Some brands actually choose to prevent this very damaging process by using only wood from renewable forests and recycled materials, the likes of IKEA.

In 2018, 60% of their production relied on such resources, and their goal remains to switch to a 100% renewable model by 2030. That simply means that with the right strategic mindset and the right goals, even the unlikeliest of businesses can indeed make a difference – and so can you.

Invest sustainably like Invest Islands

Sustainable investing

For some brands that are in retail, it’s relatively easy to steal the spotlight and earn their fair share of publicity with their eco-friendly initiatives. Other major companies that shape the world in different ways might end up doing so from behind the scenes, so to speak, especially by investing in underdeveloped regions and preserving their natural wealth. For example, professionals such as Jack Brown of Invest Islands have dedicated their careers to doing just that: preserving the beauty and wealth of exotic places while they enable them to grow.

This particular organization heavily invests in cutting-edge technology for recycling in communities of these islands. Implementing eco-friendly design is another part of their portfolio while setting up an entire foundation alongside local charities allows them to improve local education, access to essential amenities, as well as medical care needed by the local residents. 

Love nature like Patagonia


If you’ve ever looked for hiking boots or a sleeping bag for your camping trip, you must have come across this world-renowned brand at least a few times. Patagonia has built its name in the industry selling outdoor gear and wearables to nature enthusiasts, but it also goes above and beyond to cherish nature in more ways than one.

For starters, they do not hold back with giving back – they heavily invest a sizeable portion of their profits to a number of planet-saving organizations. What makes them different is their transparency. They openly talk about their shortcomings when it comes to producing eco-friendly items, and they ensure their customers know what they’re getting with every purchase. While they still have room to improve, their honesty makes them stand out, since they offer no empty words and promises.

Nude is good by Lush

cosmetic industry

Chances are, you won’t hear Lush calling itself ethical or sustainable. Why? Because they firmly believe that this is supposed to be the norm and not the exception and because they know that they still have a long way to go, despite all the amazing efforts they’ve invested in so far. The cosmetics industry alone generated over 142 billion plastic units in 2018, making it a major polluter of the world – and making a difference in such a plastic-packed industry cannot go unnoticed.

Lush has made a vast range of its products nude, or without any plastic packaging, that is. You can find a slew of shampoo bars, facial soap bars, and conditioner bars that you can purchase in a tin can that is reusable and serves as a storage unit, or in a paper bag. 


The love and respect these brands have for our planet go beyond words. They embed their brand with these values and strive to live up to them every day, thus inspiring the rest of the world to do the same. This is your chance to follow in their footsteps and find your own sustainable edge and a way to leave the world a slightly cleaner, safer place than it is today.

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