Jason Mraz’s Toilet Tissue Issue

Sarah Morse - Contributing Writer
Posted on Saturday 6th June 2009

Some of you may remember when Sheryl Crow suggested that the amount of toilet paper used at one sitting should be limited to one square. It sparked a firestorm from liberals and conservatives alike, consequently bringing the topic of global warming to open discussion.

Two years later singer-songwriter Jason Mraz has taken up the toilet paper torch and added his own twist that is sure to create buzz—a nude picture of himself.

In response to a report from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) on the negative impacts of lush toilet paper production on forests worldwide, Mraz’s newest blog entry shows his concern for diminishing resources. “In order to produce all that perfectly plush paper, companies must harvest tons of virgin trees,” he writes, “which the reaping of means less oxygen for the atmosphere to offset or all the carbon that seems to be frying us here on the surface.” He offers suggestions studded with witty puns and anecdotes on how to help break America’s “addiction to two-ply, super soft toilet paper.”

“Start small,” he says. “Challenge yourself to use only 8 squares in your session.” This seems easy enough, and more lenient than Crow’s one square limit.

The singer-songwriters’s second suggestion to “use both sides” is a bit more daunting, so he proposes a technique to aid in the task: “Fold the paper again and again using a clean angle from the very same square. There’s a lot of real estate wasted on each sheet when you only wipe once.”

Finally Mraz offers advice and a little anecdote on how to cope, should you find the paper to be too thin. “Try using a stronger material as a backing,” he writes. “This worked when I was camping. The paper wasn’t holding up in the dampness of camp, so I used a leaf to give the paper more strength from behind. Plus the leaf was textured, which handled the job with far more efficiency than just the paper by itself.”

For more on Mraz and his tips on how to live a healthy, eco-friendly life, visit his blog, Freshness Factor Five Thousand.

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