Tweeting (my way!) to a more sustainable world...

Caleb Galaraga - Contributing Writer
Posted on Saturday 23rd May 2009

Tweets have become so common and prevalent that a lot of common words today has a Twitterspeak, or a name that corresponds to such term following the phonetics of the word Twitter. Individuals using the site are called tweeps and the cyberspace occupied by them is known as TwittaLand. There's also something called a twiller, a politweeter (someone who tweets political bytes) as well as, in this world of excess, a tweetaholic. Regardless, this social media utility has definitely become a great addition to today's communication sphere that it has become another avenue for sustainability reporters, practitioners and enthusiasts to promote their ideals.

So as a sustainability blogger, here's how-in my own small way- I'll be twittering in order to contribute to the promotion of sustainability, poverty alleviation and social entrepreneurship- hoping that it can build a twittercal mass (critical mass) in twittosphere. Although it's not in the official list of Mashable's 66 Twitter Terms, I consider the practices below as my twitribution (contribution) to the field of sustainability reporting, advocacy and promotion online.

Tweet personal tips on how to practice a sustainble lifestyle or at least the links to such info

As someone who has once again delved in my passion for development, initially international development, but now more specific and focus-which I realize and found out is called sustainable development, I am now in the process of conforming my lifestyle in a green way. Although sustainability is not all about being green- it requires us, in an individual level, to practice environmentally friendly behavior. So what I'll begin doing from now on is to tweet tips on how to live a more sustainable life-whether it'll be on how I'll reduce my energy consumption, lessen my carbon footprint or find ways to reduce, reusse or recycle my resources. To help myself be good at this, my role model tweeps for such tweets would be @ReduceEnergyUse and @agreenliving. Aside from that I'll also...

Retweet personal tips on how to practice a sustainable lifestyle from Tweeps

Yes, I'll definitely be retweeting the Tweeple's ideas that I've just mentioned as well as anyone else's who may have broach an idea on how we can better treat the environment. Imagine how this will make an impact as I retweet what they tweet, thus exposing it to my followers and my retweets are retweeted and so on and so forth. Talk about a viral impact that can maybe, just maybe-well far fetched but maybe- build a twittercal mass.

Participate in #EcoMonday

Thanks to @FabianPattberg and @ROCK_READ_ROAM and of course @ecomonday, the official #EcoMonday referral channel, I realize that there's such a meme. This is where you recommend Tweeps who shares ideas and commentaries on green living, the green economy as well as sustainability. Didn't my #ecomonday today, although I think it's something you can everyday despite the monday part of the hashtag.

Follow Tweeps (which can also be organizations) that provide information on such topics as Social Entrepeneurship, Poverty Alleviation, Sustainable Development, Environmental Conservation, Climate name it!

Sustainability does not have a one-size-fits-all approach and nor is there one practice that will act as a magic wand that will convert any lifestyle, community or industry into a sustainable one. It is a combination of various ideas and methods that achieves the ideals of the concept. So I have therefore decided to follow individuals and organizations (which includes websites) that promotes the topics aforementioned. Some of those I've followed so far are @FabianPattberg, @socialentrprnr and @paynter . I don't have to follow @calebgalaraga because I manage that account (duh!) but I suggest you follow him :-)

Tweet my blog posts

My blog at would definitely focus on the topics mentioned, with greater emphasis on the concept of sustainability in general and the case for it in the private sector, academic and society as well as social entrepreneurship. Just like this post, I'll be tweeting this so I could meet more people who shares my passion for the practice and contribute to the knowledge pool of tweets, blog entries, articles, books, ebooks and research papers. All this information is intended to help and promote a lifestyle and collective practice that will ensure that the way resources today are used will not compromise the resources that the next generation will need to live.

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