Bo's Green Goldmine

Eric Connor - Contributing Writer
Posted on Friday 5th June 2009
So, on Sunday, I and a couple of friends went for a walk on Main Street in Manayunk. We happened into a vintage boutique called Goldmine Unlimited. We were drawn in; maybe by the bar stools, maybe by the antique projectors, maybe by the cool blue cruiser, parked out front. Whatever it was that compelled us to go in, go in we did. Correct choice. After browsing around for a few minutes, we found a box full of antique cookie cutters, we picked out one shaped like a Firebird car, one like a Spade (like on the card), and one like a Porsche Roadster. Shortly after, or maybe before even, is when I spotted it. Spotless, pristine, nicer looking than my laptop, all original, and lusting to be held. An original, late '50's, Olympia SM 4 Typewriter, complete with all paper work, instructions, cleaning brushes and cloth, and an official, Olympia Guarantee Certificate. WOW. Needless to say, while checking out, I introduced myself to (whom I found later to be the owner), the gentleman checking us out. Bo is his name, Bo Lee to be exact. The proud husband of Hye Ju Park, co-owner, and LEED certified Blue Bell native, recently transplanted back home from N.Y.C. Now, this is recycling in its most raw, but possibly most satisfying form. So Bo and I sat down a few days later, and had a great chat. Turns out, Bo, a graduate of Pratt Institute, who studied film and commercial editing, kind of inherited the 'antiquing' gene, from his parents who still own and operate an antique store in Norristown. Bo, admittedly, while living in N.Y.C., used to kind of cherry pick the best items from their store, and sells them to help make ends meet. While Bo knows (I had to say that at least once in this article), he's helping the environment, by putting these vintage items back into circulation. For him, it's also about making it a personal experience for his customers. Take for instance, the typewriter I purchased. While Bo may not ever remember my name, he will remember forever, that I bought that typewriter. See, it seems to me, that everything being sold at Proper Logic has a little story attached to it. I also believe that secretly, Bo doesn't want to part with any of it. He will though, however, and if you have something to sell, he's always interested. While browsing around, and having our chat, we came upon Proper Logic, Goldmine Unlimited's custom clothing line; there is a "Green" line, and an "Activism" line. The "Green" line, of course, uses all organic materials, and the "Activism" line, while still all organic, sports images of iconic activists, such as, Nelson Mandela, and Fred Hampton. As well as recycling everything, Bo, and his wife Hye Ju, recently attended the "Green Expo" here in Philly, made a connection with a wholesaler in Maine, and plan on adding socially responsible, and environmentally friendly home products, to their lineup of goods. So, in conclusion, my friends, the next time you’re in Manayunk, be sure to stop in and visit with Bo and Hye Ju, you'll love the store, and I happen to know that Bo keeps the 'fridge in the back, stocked with good beer.

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