The Benefits of Green Roofs as a Modern Green Building Concept

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Posted on Friday 1st March 2019
The Benefits of Green Roofs as a Modern Green Building Concept






There’s more to green roofs than what meets the eye. After all, this particular concept of sustainable architecture has a lot to offer when it comes to environmental and economic benefits, but social ones too. Green roofs mean better rainwater management, air purification, reduction and regulation of temperature indoors and outdoors, energy saving, biodiversity boost, etc. Not to mention that people simply enjoy a relaxing green environment more.

Rainwater management

Plants used for green roofs have an excellent absorbing ability which means that they’ll effectively absorb rainwater. This means that the rain won’t fill the sewers as quickly, the water will get cleaned in the process and the evaporation will largely proceed. Because of this, there’s less risk of flooding. 

Noise reduction

A green roof will be a layer of protection for your building or house even when it comes to the outside noise. The plants absorb the noise which creates a quieter environment, both inside and outside. It’s also important to mention that electromagnetic radiation penetration can be reduced by 99.4% with this efficient modern green building concept.  

Heat regulation

Essentially, the plants absorb sunlight. This creates a cooler climate that’s healthier and more pleasant in general. In indoor environments, this means that 33% less air conditioning is required, which in turn means energy savings. A green roof also has a positive effect on the climate around your building and the whole city. Basically, green roofs reduce the temperature of the city as well as the smog and greenhouse gases. 

Air purification

As mentioned, green roofs contribute to the filtration of harmful gases, and help reduce the use of air conditioning systems. Thanks to that, the CO2 emissions are also minimized significantly.

Longer roof life

A plant cover used for green roofs protects and waterproofs the roof from the elements. This is extremely beneficial when it comes to the resources necessary for new roof installation. Obviously, this also means that your roof will last two, and maybe even three times longer than it usually would. So, in just a couple of years, you’ll get your return of investment.

Biodiversity boost

The plants used in this attractive green building concept provide a habitat for birds, butterflies and insects, which is especially significant in the city where concrete and asphalt dominate. This is of utmost importance not just for the environment, but for the well-being of humans as well. 

Energy reduction

The insulation that a green roof provides can help lower the heat in summer and cold in winter. Actually, the use of air conditioning and heaters can be reduced up to 75% thanks to the insulating properties of this sustainable solution. This is one of the main reasons why green roof installation has become so popular in countries with extreme temperatures like Australia. And it’s not just the buildings – with efficient crane hire in Brisbane or wherever you live to help you set up the roof, you can do this for your house and increase the value of your property.  

Better social connection

This is a very interesting notion, but the fact that the color green and nature in general calms people remains true. In that respect, it’s no wonder that working and living in a green environment unites people. A green environment has a positive effect on different social aspects and people’s behavior in general. 

Time and money saved

With plant carpets, you can create a green roof with instant results. Once you decide to go for it, you can count on pre-grown plant mats that will provide around 90% coverage when you first get them set up. This means that there’s 0 chance for weeds to find their way to the mat in the process. Also, the maintenance that these require is practically insignificant. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to save both your time and money. 

Keep in mind that green roofs are also aesthetically pleasing. They offer a healing environment for both the people and the planet. As far as popular trends go, green roofs as a modern green building concept are definitely something that should turn into a timeless classic. 

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