Office Ceiling Fans


Spend $300 now and SAVE $60 each year... ROI = 20%

ENERGY STAR® qualified ceiling fans move a greater volume of air with less power by taking advantage of advanced motor features and design. Some models also incorporate CFLs for even greater energy savings. Over the summer you get a breeze. With air flow over your skin, you feel as comfortable at 75 degrees as in air that is still at 70 degrees. By setting the air conditioner thermostat higher, the electricity savings can be as high as 25- 40% in the summer, which is important, as cooling costs can account for 20% of the office's annual energy costs. As well, you save up to 10% on heating bills in the winter by setting the fan on low speed and gently circulating the warm air down that has risen to the ceiling.

To keep your employees comfortable in the summer and save money, you may also want to consider offering a more flexible office attire standard that permits 'lighter' clothing. Naturally, the research data does not generate any definitive information on the AC savings from apparel rule changes or on the loss of productivity due to distraction if your employees just wear less clothes altogether.

The ROI Calculation is based on two rooms with multi-speed reversible fans, and savings of $5 per month over the course of the year.

Time in
5 Year
Return on
5.0 $300 $60 $300 20.0%

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